Massachusetts 4-Day Workweek Trial: Here’s What We Know!

There is currently a formal effort in Massachusetts to experiment with four-day work weeks. Legislation proposing a two-year trial program has been introduced by state representatives Josh Cutler of Pembroke and Dylan Fernandes of Falmouth. Participating employers would be eligible for a tax credit in exchange for implementing four-day workweeks without reducing pay or benefits.

Shorter work weeks have been demonstrated to boost productivity and decrease employee fatigue. Legislators are consulting with Juliet Schor, a professor of sociology at Boston College who recently helped organize a six-month trial of four-day work weeks involving dozens of enterprises in the United Kingdom.

Massachusetts Lawmaker Seeks a Shorter Workweek

Two Massachusetts state legislators are considering implementing a four-day workweek to see how it goes. According to Cutler’s office, he and his colleague, Representative Dylan Fernandes of Falmouth, have introduced new legislation that would establish a voluntary pilot program to allow businesses to transition employees to a reduced work schedule without an overall drop in compensation.

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Legislators Say Decreasing Taxes Will Lower State Living Costs

Legislators argue that lowering taxes will lower living costs in the state. Cutler’s office claims that studies show a four-day workweek might improve employee morale and performance without negatively impacting business output. Participants in the pilot program would agree to work fewer hours without a decrease in salary, benefits, or other perks.

In addition, those companies could receive a tax break for participating in the study as the advantage of the 4-day Work Week Program Proposed in Massachusetts, as per CBSNews. The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development runs a two-year trial program in which enterprises that agree to shift to a four-day workweek in exchange for regular reporting may receive a tax credit.

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