Massachusetts Man Accused of Ki!!ing His Wife Who Went Missing

Massachusetts Man Accused of Ki!!ing His Wife Who Went Missing: See What He Searched on Google to Escape Imprisonment?

A guy in Massachusetts has been charged with murd*r after his wife disappeared. Since the early hours of January 1st, no one has seen Ana Walshe.

On Thursday, Massachusetts man Brian Walshe entered a not guilty plea to murd*r charges related to the disappearance of his wife, mother of their three children Ana Walshe, on New Year’s Day.

Indictments for murd*r, misleading a police investigation/obstruction of justice, and improper carriage of a human body were handed down against Brian Walshe by a grand jury last month.

The prosecution stated on Thursday that Brian Walshe feared his wife Ana Walshe was having an affair in December 2022 and that his mother hired a private investigator to follow her son’s “input and direction” to keep an eye on her.

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But Brian Walshe’s lawyer testified in court that her client opposed his mom using a private eye. Prosecutors claim that Ana Walshe prepared to leave Brian in December 2022 because she anticipated that he would be imprisoned due to the federal case against him for art fraud.

Since the early hours of January 1st, no one has seen Ana Walshe. Prosecutors claim that Ana Walshe’s husband, Brian, informed their babysitter that she had to return to Washington, D.C., for work-related reasons.

Massachusetts Man Accused of Killing His Wife
Massachusetts Man Accused of Killing His Wife

Prosecutors say that on January 1st, Brian Walshe was caught on surveillance footage at a Lowe’s store purchasing a variety of cleaning supplies and tools, including five 5-gallon buckets, a hacksaw, towels, a framing hammer, a Tyvek full coverage suit, shoe guards, a mop, trash bags, and more.

Later that day, he was allegedly recorded on surveillance footage purchasing hydrogen peroxide and gallons of ammonia. Prosecutors claim that Brian Walshe returned to Home Depot the following day and bought three additional 5-gallon buckets, a hatchet, plastic sheeting, 24 pounds of baking soda, and another Tyvek suit.

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A series of Google queries, including “10 ways to dispose of a de@d body if you need to,” “how long before a body starts to smell,” “how to stop a body from decomposing,” “how to embalm a body,” and “what’s the best state to divorce in,” have been linked to Brian Walshe by prosecutors.

He was also accused of Googling “dismemberment” and “what happens when you put body parts in ammonia,” which led to charges being filed against him. Internet searches for “hacksaw best tool to dismember” and “can you be charged with murd*r without a body” increased, according to the prosecution.

Prosecutors claim that on January 5, Brian Walshe informed police that he and his wife had no marital issues other than his pending criminal case. Prosecutors say officers found Ana Walshe’s COVID-19 immunization card and Prada bag in a dumpster after Brian Walshe informed them she had left the house with them.

Prosecutors claim that the dumpster included numerous things, including a hatchet, hacksaw, hammer, and a Tyvek suit, that Brian Walshe was seen purchasing on film.

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In court on Thursday, his counsel for Brian Walshe said, “He’s been nothing but cooperative in this.” Walshe had agreed to turn over his electronic devices to police and had permitted a search of his home.

The defense argued that Brian Walshe is the primary carer for his children, but he was ordered jailed without bail. In August, Brian Walshe will be back in court.

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