Family Saved When Massachusetts Nurse Spotted House on Fire During Walk Was Alerted!

A nurse from Massachusetts made a remarkable discovery during her daily walk. She spotted a house fire and immediately alerted the family inside, potentially saving their lives. A Massachusetts nurse is receiving praise from her colleagues for her quick thinking in alerting a family about a fire that had broken out in their Winchester residence.

A registered nurse at Winchester Hospital, Tina LaTorella, reported witnessing a fire on Thursday morning while walking her 8-year-old daughter to school. The flames emanated from the second story of a house at 8 Harvard St.

Family Saved When Massachusetts Nurse Spotted House on Fire During Walk Was Alerted!
Family Saved When Massachusetts Nurse Spotted House on Fire During Walk Was Alerted!

LaTorella was en route to begin her shift at work when she made the observation.LaTorella, a regular pedestrian in the neighborhood, has become aware of the family residing in a nearby house due to her daily walks with her daughter.

She has gathered that the family has children, one of whom has a disability. LaTorella said:

“I just started screaming: ‘Fire! Call 911’ I gave my daughter my phone, and told her to call 911. I go ring every doorbell, go bang (on the door) and tell everyone there’s a fire. The kids came out and I escorted them across the street to get them to a safe place. Of course, they were very scared, crying, and really shaken. I just hugged them and told them everything is going to be ok.”

Following the successful evacuation of their burning residence, LaTorella escorted her daughter to school before embarking on foot to her workplace, as reported by WCVB News.

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Winchester Hospital staff paid tribute to LaTorella by presenting her with flowers and holding a small ceremony to acknowledge her efforts in assisting the family. LaTorella said:

“Everybody said that was really heroic. I don’t consider it heroic at all. I think anybody- you or me or anybody- would have done the same thing. Of course, you’re concerned. You have family, and you’re banging on doors on a house that’s on fire, but I knew there was a family there, so my instinct just told me that they had to get out of the house.”

Firefighters were called to a fire at 8 Harvard St. shortly after 7:45 a.m., according to the Winchester Fire Department, but no injuri*s were reported. The family who was affected by the fire has a GoFundMe page set up.

In conclusion, a family in Winchester, Massachusetts, was saved from a house fire thanks to the rapid thinking of a nurse at Winchester Hospital. Although everyone is safe, the house sustained substantial damage and will require extensive repairs before the family can move back in.

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