How did the Massachusetts Truro House Exploded Into Flames? Situation Insights Found!

A house in Truro, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod, goes up in flames after an explosion, and the blaze spreads quickly. It happened on Thursday night in Truro, Massachusetts, located on Cape Cod, when a house exploded, which started a big fire and damaged nearby homes.

At 11:30 p.m., firefighters from multiple communities were dispatched to the residence on Hardings Way in response to reports of flames shooting from the structure. After being destroyed by an explosion and a fire, photographs show the site in Truro, Nova Scotia, where a house formerly stood.

The explosion flattened the house, and debris was scattered along the street. The blast caused damage to many residences in the immediate area.

According to Perry, the residence’s occupants were safe and sounded in another house located on the property at the time of the explosion. The scene where a home in Truro once stood after an explosion and fire destroyed the residence.

Massachusetts Truro House Exploded Into Flames
Massachusetts Truro House Exploded Into Flames

The explosion completely leveled the home, and debris was scattered down the street. Several nearby homes sustained damage from the blast. “There is a mattress up in a tree, some rugs up there,” she said.

Truro Fire Department Chief Tim Collins said,

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