Matt Wright Net Worth 2022: Biography, Career, and Personal Life!

Matt Wright Net Worth: Matt Wright is a $2 million net-worth Australian TV host, helicopter pilot, and wildlife relocator. His work on the National Geographic Channel’s Outback Wrangler has garnered him international acclaim. He recently made a comeback on television in “Wild Territory,” a brand new croc-wrestling adventure. He is well-known as a best-selling author and the most successful brand ambassador for Tourism Australia.

Matt Wright Biography

Matt Wright was born on August 29, 1979, in the Northern Territory of Australia. From generation to generation, his father was a wool classer, and his mother, Marie Wright, was a sheep farmer. Wright grew up on the harsh plains of Australia.

Wright had amassed a collection of some of Australia’s most dangerous animals by the age of ten, including three deadly King Brown snakes (which he kept in his bedroom). He was constantly getting into mischief at home and school for eagerly sharing his “pets” with his classmates and family. Wright received a basic high school diploma from Willunga High School. Later, he enrolled in a reputable university for further education and began to concentrate on his wildlife career.

Matt Wright Career

Wright began his career as a crocodile egg collector, an Australian Army soldier, and a horse wrangler. Wright went on to star in National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler, in which he hunts, captures, and transports a wide range of dangerous creatures that pose a threat to humans, including crocodiles, wild buffalo, and even polar bears.

Matt Wright Net Worth

He co-starred with Chris Wilson and John Brown on the show for four seasons. He’s also appeared in Naked and Afraid: Savage, Shark Week, Ed Stafford: First Man Out, and other wildlife shows. He also appeared on Mike and Angelo, Save This Rhino, and other shows.

Matt Wright Net Worth

Matt Wright’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million in 2022. He makes a good living from both professional wildlife work and tourism work. According to reports, he earns $400 thousand per year. Among other things, Wright has worked as a horse wrangler, an Australian Army soldier, a crocodile egg collector, a helicopter pilot, a wildlife relocator, and a tour operator.

As the star of National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler, he earns a fortune every month. He also makes a lot of money from residuals from shows and book royalties. Wright’s new TV show “Wild Territory” will add to his current net worth. Wright also has a YouTube channel where he posts his incredible wildlife videos and earns money.

Books and NetFlix

He has two books published by Penguin and is the current face of the rapidly expanding beer brands Great Northern, Yokohama, Ariat Australia, and G-Shock. Wright and his team finished filming their brand new series, Wild Territory, earlier this year. Wild Territory, which currently airs on the Nine Network on a weekly basis, will be available globally on Netflix later in 2022.

Matt Wright Personal Life

In 2017, Wright married his longtime girlfriend Kaia Wright. The couple first met in 2014, which was an unforgettable experience. Kaia had been alone for a long time, and when her friends encouraged her to date again, Kaia said that she was glad she married Matt. So Kaia couldn’t believe it when Matt landed a helicopter right in front of her. After a while, the couple began dating and were married on November 6, 2016. The couple married on November 10, 2017, and they have a child together, Banjo Elliott Wright.

His wife is a wildlife enthusiast who hunts crocodiles in the swamps with her husband. In addition to running her husband’s highly successful adventure tourism businesses, “Tiwi Island Retreat” and “Top End Safari Camp,” Kaia models and does ambassadorial work. Their son, Banjo, is also accustomed to dangerous animals and enjoys playing with them. The three-person family lives in the Northern Territory on a large block of land. Wright has eight snakes and a pet crocodile named Tripos.

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