Mauro Icardi Net Worth 2023

Mauro Icardi Net Worth 2023: From Humble Beginnings to a Millionaire Football Star

Mauro Emanuel Icardi is a professional footballer from Argentina. He currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 and the Argentina national team. Icardi is a quick, tactically astute, physically strong striker with excellent technique. He is known for his great attacking movement, positioning, and goal-scoring eye. He usually plays in the middle of the penalty box.

Mauro Icardi Net Worth

Mauro Icardi’s net worth is expected to be around $10 million in 2023. He began playing soccer as a child, which quickly became his full-time occupation. He was so interested in it that he never thought about changing jobs and spent his whole life going after his dreams. He has made everyone proud, and his fans adore seeing him on the field.

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Mauro Icardi Early Life

Mauro Icardi is an Argentine soccer player who was born in Rosario on February 19, 1993. He goes by the nickname “Mauro.” And they moved to the Canary Islands when he was six years old. He made his fortune with Internazionale, Sampdoria, and Argentina U20. He later played for Barcelona and Sampdoria before making his debut for Argentina in 2013.

Mauro Icardi Net Worth 2023

He returned to action on April 3 in the league match against Genoa, 53 days after his last appearance. On his return, Icardi scored a penalty after being fouled inside the penalty area by Cristian Romero, who received a straight red card. He set up Ivan Perii’s goal in the second half before making way for Keita Balde in the 80th minute. With this goal, Icardi matched Christian Vieri as Inter’s eighth-best all-time goalscorer with 123 goals.

When former Sampdoria teammate Maxi Lopez refused to shake hands after a Serie A match in April 2014, he caused quite a stir in the media.

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Mauro Icardi Career

Mauro started his career by signing a contract with the Italian association football club Sampdoria until the end of the 2010–2011 season. And he made this confirmation on January 11, 2011.

He spent six months in a stint with the club’s “Primavera” team, scoring 13 goals in 19 games. In 2011, Sampdoria even sealed a deal for three years with Iacrdi.

He made his debut with them on May 12, 2012, and got a 2-1 win against Juve Stabia. This was the first professional game he played in his career, giving it wings.

He even made his debut against Roma on September 26, 2012. He even made his first goal on November 12. He even concluded the 2014-15 season by becoming the top goal scorer in Serie A, along with Toni. Both scored 22 goals each and grabbed the title of “Capocannoniere.”

In the 2014-2015 season, he was also named to the Seria A. Internazionale even signed a four-year contract with him when his contract was about to expire. In 2015, he was appointed captain of Internazionale.

With this, they even defeated Atalanta in his first match as captain. He amassed a substantial amount of wealth and income due to his performance, goals scored, and image rights. He even scored 14 goals in the 2016–17 season.

He was even named the most efficient striker in the top five leagues. In 2016, he climbed to 49th place in ‘The Guardian’s’ world rankings. He even scored a hat trick in the first 14 minutes of the game. He began his international career in 2013, and on October 15, he made his first appearance in the FIFA World Cup.

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