Miami Heat Reportedly Sent a “Delegation” to Convince Udonis Haslem to Rejoin the Squad!

Udonis Haslem, a big man, hasn’t played much for the Miami Heat in the last few years, but he’s still been a valuable member of the team.

After 19 years in the NBA, his voice and leadership on the bench and in the locker room, as well as his many years of experience, have helped the team a lot.

It’s no surprise that the Heat wants him to come back for next season, and it sounds like they’ve sent in the big guns to convince him to do so.

Haslem didn’t get picked in the draught in 2002, and he joined the Heat a year later, the same year Dwyane Wade made his debut.

Report: Miami Heat Sent ‘delegation’ of Employees to Get Udonis Haslem to Return to Team

The 6-foot-8 big man has played his whole career with Miami, so he has seen and done everything there is to see and do.

He saw the team make an unexpected run in the playoffs in 2004, win its first NBA title in 2006, and then go through a painful process of rebuilding.

Haslem was still an important part of the Heat team when LeBron James and Chris Bosh made them a title contender again in 2010-2011, even though he wasn’t starting.

In the last few years, he has become more of an unofficial assistant coach because he has only played in a few games here and there.

Over the last three years, veteran leaders like Haslem have helped make Miami a contender and build a strong winning culture. It would be very helpful if he stayed with the team for one more year.

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