Body recovered in Search for Missing twins in Galveston Texas

Authorities say a body has been discovered in the search for 13-year-old twin brothers who went missing while swimming off the coast of Texas.

According to FOX26 Houston, the body was discovered in Galveston in the early hours of Tuesday morning and matched the description and clothing worn by one of the missing children.

A group of passersby spotted the body and pulled it back to shore, then called emergency services, according to Galveston Island Beach Patrol.

The boys, named Josue and Jefferson Perez, disappeared on Sunday in the water near the area’s Pleasure Pier. It is unclear which of the boys was found.

Missing Twins in Galveston Texas

The pair, who do not know how to swim, had been in the water up to their chests or waists when they were last seen, reports KHOU-TV. Officials say that no one saw them disappear.

“Basically, what happened was they were out in the water, the parents briefly lost sight of them, and they looked back up into that area, and they didn’t see them any longer,” Galveston Beach Patrol Lt Austin Kirwin told FOX 26.

The search for the other missing adolescent is ongoing. The investigation has involved several agencies, including the Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team, Beach Patrol, and the US Coast Guard.

“It is some closure. We are keeping close ties and talking to the family, so we’re talking to them directly,” Mr Kirwin said.

“It makes us more hopeful, but everything in this water is unpredictable. We did find one. That’s great news. Finding another one doesn’t mean it will happen now or tomorrow.”

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