Montell Jordan Net Worth: How Much Did He Earn Money?

The label’s second R&B talent, Montell Jordan, signed with them. His first single, “This Is How We Do It,” was an enormous hit that year. The young Los Angeles native began his singing career by participating in talent shows and church choirs.

Montell Jordan Net Worth

After that, he began performing at nightclubs while continuing his studies at Pepperdine. Seven years after Jordan graduated from college, he was still looking for a recording contract. After meeting with PMP Records CEO Paul Stewart, he agreed to a contract that had been offered.

The two, Jordan and Stewart, took a flight to New York, where Jordan played for record producer Russell Simmons, who immediately signed him to a contract. Other than Montell Jordan’s fortune, the essay covers a wide range of topics.

Montell Jordan Net Worth

As of the year 2018, Montell Jordan, a former American rapper, composer, and producer, has a net worth of $500,000. The 1995 single “This Is How We Do It” was a major factor in his rise to fame. Once the only male solo artist on the Def Soul label, he has been a longtime collaborator of Def Jam Records. His newfound religion, however, led him to abandon his singing career in 2010. Jordan is the current worship pastor at Georgia’s World Victory Church.

Montell Jordan Early Life

The Beginnings On December 3, 1968, Montell Du’Sean Barnett entered this world in Los Angeles, California. Montell was brought up by two deacons in a Baptist home in South Central, where he learned to play the piano and became involved in church activities. Once he finished high school in Gardena, Jordan headed to Pepperdine University in Malibu. While he was in college, he joined a fraternity and focused on his communication studies. His undergraduate degree was finished in 1991.

Personal Life of Montel Jordan

They tied the knot long before Montell Jordan found fame, and Kristin Hudson has been by his side ever since. Because his record label intended to portray him as a sexual role model, this was problematic for Jordan. The record company wanted him to say things like, “I’m married to the music,” whenever he was asked about his personal life so that he could maintain his image as a single guy. After some time, Jordan wanted to discard this image and adopt a more mature public persona; this was a big role in his departure from Def Jam Records.

Montell Jordan Career Life

Montell was hired by Williams Television Time to produce infomercials once he had completed his education. He was still committed to making a living as a musician, despite this setback. He took some of his staff to see the show, where they ran across Janet Jackson and Shanice Wilson. In 1995, he released a mixtape, connected with Russell Simmons, and eventually signed with Def Jam. The label’s second R&B artist signing to date. Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” single from 1995 was number one for an impressive seven weeks straight.

With the help of this smash hit, Montell was able to sell over a million copies of his self-titled debut album, earning him a platinum disc. With this success under his belt, Montell hit the road with other acts including Boys II Men. It was a “miracle,” he said, that he survived the seven-foot fall off the stage during the performance.

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Jordan wasn’t happy to rest on his laurels after the release of “Somethin’ 4 da Honeyz,” so he also released “Let’s Ride” and “I Like.” However, these tracks didn’t achieve the same level of success as “This Is How We Do It.” The next year, “Get It On Tonite” also reached #4 on the charts. It was about this time that he started writing and producing songs for other artists like Shae Jones, Christina Milian, 98 Degrees, and a whole lot more. He has auditioned for parts in movies including “The Fighting Temptations” and “The Nutty Professor.”

Jordan had departed Def Soul by 2003. There were huge “creative arguments,” he said afterward, between him and the label’s executives over his physical look in particular. In its place, his album “Life After Def” was released after he got a new recording contract with Koch Records.

However, Montell’s musical career had just struck rock bottom. After deciding in 2008 that “Let It Rain” would be his last album, he retired that year. It was released to the public by Fontana Records. Despite this, Montell maintained a schedule of irregular live performances and appeared in a number of halftime shows. When he appeared on James Corden‘s “Late Late Show,” he also performed “This Is How We Do It.” In 2019, Jordan says he’ll release a new R&B record. Later that year, he revealed that “The Masterpiece” would be the album’s title.

Ministerial Career

Montell gave up his career in music to devote himself fully to his calling as a priest. After much prodding from his loved ones, he tried something new and joined the church choir Victory World Music. His musical career has been severely hampered as a result.

In 2010, while fasting at the Victory World Church, Montell claims God spoke to him. He says he stopped making music permanently after receiving a divine command to do so, and since then he has devoted himself wholly to his faith. When Victory World Music published their album, “Shake Heaven,” it featured Beckah Shae.

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