Moosa Mostafa Age, Biography, Height, Weight, And More

Wednesday is a popular television series that combines elements of comedy, drama, and family-oriented content. Moosa Mostafa is a significant cast member in the show.

Moosa Mostafa Age

Biography Of Moosa Mostafa

Moosa Mostafa is a famous English actor who played Eugene Ottinger in the hit TV show Wednesday. He has also made contributions to the Netflix science fiction experience series The Last Transport. In Hollywood, he receives a letter from the Specialists Association. Though he’s only made an active appearance in a few projects, he’s built up a massive following. Moosa got his start in show business at a young age and is now enjoying success with his first generation of children thanks to the widespread acclaim that has greeted his portrayal of Eugene on the long-running NBC series Wednesday.

The following are two facts about the performer’s ongoing existence that you should know. Check out the details below to find out all there is to know about him. Unfortunately, it appears that Moosa Mostafa does not yet have his article on Wikipedia. His career in movies began with a small role in 2018’s Nativity Rocks.
In 2022, his career took off with an appearance in the Netflix series Wednesday. The show is an excellent amalgamation of fantastical elements, villainy, mystery, and satire. In the show, he plays Eugene Ottinger. Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) is a secondary school understudy at Nevermore Foundation, and her story throughout those years is chronicled in the exceptional secret parody. Mostafa plays a pivotal role in the show. The list of actors and actresses involved in various productions includes not only Gwendoline Christie and Catherine Zeta-Jones but also Luis Guzmán, Tracker Doohan, Georgie Rancher, and many more.

Kid Entertainers: Who Are Protectors of Moosa Mostafa?

Relationship to Him Moosa Mostafa, the child star, was born to British parents in London in 2009. Moosa’s parents have never sought attention for themselves. In a similar vein, it can’t tell if he’s an only child or has family nearby. They are fully behind their kid’s chosen career path. They might become well-traveled in a short amount of time. All along, his friends and family have been silently rooting for him.

Total Assets of Moosa Mostafa Around the year 2022 onwards Around the year 2022, Moosa Mostafa is expected to have between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in total assets. His successful career as an actor in Hollywood is the primary source of his wealth. After starting in a modest role in 2018, he took on two significant initiatives in 2022. Mostafa has guest starred on shows like The Last Transport and Wednesday. Since his appearance on the hit Netflix series, the comedian has attracted a lot of attention from viewers throughout the country and beyond.

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Family Information

The family name of Moosa Mostafa’s father is, while the family name of Moosa Mostafa’s mother is. We conducted a great deal of study into his family, including his parents and his siblings, but our efforts did not provide any conclusive findings. This post will be updated as new information on his family becomes available to us.


The city of London, in the United Kingdom, is where Moosa Mostafa first made his appearance. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of Moosa Mostafa, the man. He is an actor who made his playing debut in 2018 with the movie “Nativity Rocks!” where he played a character in St. Bernadette’s Class. “Nativity Rocks!” was his first acting role. Moosa has also demonstrated his talent in the comedic television series “The Last Bus,” which is available on Netflix. He plays the role of Nas in this series. It is planned that he will make an appearance in the 2022 season of the fantasy television show “Wednesday,” which will be broadcast on Netflix and directed by Tim Burton. Jenna Ortega and Christina Ricci will play the lead roles.

Acting Career

When he was a very young child, he began his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor. In 2018, he made his acting debut in the film Nativity Rocks!, in which he had a supporting role. After then, he participated in the game while he was enrolled in St. Bernadette‘s Class. Finally, in the year 2022, Moosa Mostafa received his big break when he secured the role of one of the main characters, Nas, in the American sci-fi adventure, comedy, and drama series The Last Bus, which was broadcast on Netflix in the United States.

The plot of the series follows a group of students from different schools who are forced to work together to defeat an evil artificial intelligence. Similarly, he was allowed to perform the character of Eugene Ottinger in the comedic family and fantasy television series Wednesday in the same year, 2022. Even though Mostafa has not been in a large number of films or television series, the public has formed a strong opinion of him as a result of the compelling roles he has portrayed in the films and series he has already appeared in.

Moosa Mostafa Age?

As of the year 2022, Moosa Mostafa has reached the age of 13 years old. He was born in 2009.

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