7 Scary Romance Movies Just Like Twilight

The following films are highly recommended for fans of the Twilight series. There are many parallels between the plots of these and the Twilight Saga. Supernatural entities, Twilight celebrities, and introspective looks at the human condition are just a few more examples. Many of these are, at their hearts, tales of love triumphing over adversity.

These excellent sequels match or even improve upon the original’s popularity so fans won’t be disappointed. Here are seven movies that are suitable alternatives to Twilight.

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is a retelling of the famous fable in the same vein as Twilight, but with the notion turned on its head, with the heroine falling for a monster. In this version, Amanda Seyfried portrays Valerie, who wears the trademark red cape but instead falls for Shiloh Fernandez’s werewolf-leaning Peter (Twilight’s Billy Burke represents Valerie’s father). Trying to figure out who the Big Bad Wolf is and what’s happening in this wacky village is half the enjoyment of watching this video.

Water for Elephants

Check out Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants if you can’t get enough of him after seeing Twilight. He plays Jacob, a young man whose parents are murdered in a car accident just as he finishes his veterinary degree. He abandons his studies to travel the globe by rail.

The passengers aboard the train include members of a touring circus led by Christoph Waltz’s ruthless August and Reese Witherspoon’s stunning Marlena. August recruits Jacob for his expertise in veterinary medicine, and thus the journey starts.

The movie is a visual treat because of its stunning production design. Star-crossed lovers played by Pattinson and Witherspoon at the height of their careers in this 2011 picture. After being first repelled by Jacob’s allure, Marlena eventually gave in and ran to his arms because of her husband’s harshness against her and the animals.

Warm Bodies

Movies Just Like Twilight

Another love tale between a young girl and a dead guy, Warm Bodies, is a 2013 film based on a novel. This time, Nicholas Hoult’s character is a zombie rather than a vampire. As soon as he looks at Teresa Palmer’s character, Julie, he feels strongly attracted to her. Because he is so intrigued, he eats her partner and rescues her from the other zombies.

This is a modern take on the classic Romeo and Juliet tale. And it’s a beautiful illustration of how love can heal even the deepest wounds. As R falls in love with Julie, his humanity starts to resurface. This film is not only refreshingly original in its treatment of the zombie subject but also an enjoyable romantic comedy. Check out our previous article on 10 Films You Should Watch If You Love “10 Things I Hate About You“.

Meet Joe Black

Young Brad Pitt stars as the titular character in Meet Joe Black, a film inspired by Death Takes a Holiday (1934) but isn’t a direct remake. The film is a romantic dream that makes you think about what would happen if you could have a conversation with Death and even have Death experience what it’s like to be human, if only for a little while.

In the 1998 picture, Anthony Hopkins plays Bill Parrish, who starts hearing the voice of Death, confirming his fears that he will die soon. Joe Black (Brad Pitt), a young man representing Death, suddenly appears before him. Death’s genuine bewilderment about doing fundamental human activities like eating and drinking makes for amusing viewing. Claire Forlani’s character, Susan, Bill’s daughter, knows Death, or at least the body he’s in from a previous encounter. She can not understand why he seems not to be the guy who first piqued her interest.

Nevertheless, his purity endears him to her, and she finds herself falling in love with him. You will be hooked on this narrative from the very first page. Pitt’s performance is outstanding, and the film’s exploration of mortality and love will leave you grateful for life.

Beautiful Creatures

The eerie film Beautiful Creatures from 2013 is another excellent option. This adaptation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s book follows Alden Ehrenreich’s character, Ethan, as he fantasizes about Alice Englert’s Lena long before meeting. They begin dating, and she eventually tells him about her family’s magical abilities and her understanding that her light or dark nature will become apparent at sixteen. In this film, you’ll find yourself rooting for the pair to stay together among thrilling scenes of love, magic, and betrayal. It’s a beautiful illustration of the transformative power of love. The whole thing becomes a delightful adventure when you include yourself in the enchantment.


You should see the Underworld movie if you like vampire action films. The best of the films is the 2003 original, which pits vampires and werewolves against one another. Playing the lead role of Selene, a vampire warrior who defies her superiors is Kate Beckinsale. She develops feelings for Scott Speedman’s character, a human who is bitten by a Lycan/werewolf, and must decide whether to carry out her job and murder him or let him live. It’s a classic tale of falling in love with the wrong person, much like Twilight. Lucian, the leader of the Lycans, is portrayed by Michael Sheen, who played Aro in the Twilight films.

The Host (2013)

Readers who loved the Twilight Saga may also appreciate Stephenie Meyer’s other works. A film adaptation of her book The Host was released in 2013. This film may not have the same name recognition as Twilight, but it’s just as fun. Similarly, it has supernatural aspects, but this time they include aliens possessing human bodies. These parasites are capable of eradicating the host’s identity. They’ve already killed many people, and now they want to wipe off the rest of us. Saoirse Ronan’s character, Melanie Stryder, gets injected with one of these aliens, but she and the alien create an unlikely connection and cannot be eradicated. The film is a terrific opportunity to see another of Meyer’s novels brought to the big screen and a perfect companion to the text.

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