10 High School Movies like Mean Girls

The story follows a young woman as she adjusts to life at university and makes new acquaintances. When she meets a group of females known as “The Plastics,” her life at college quickly unravels under their cruel control.

Although some have said that Mean Girls is a rip-off of The Heathers, I can’t entirely agree. Mean Girls is a classic because of its simple and resonant premise and outstanding performances. Even though a sequel was made available, it was a huge letdown compared to the first.

Here are some other movies like “Mean Girls.”

What A Girl Wants

I thought the writing in What a Girl Wants was clear and well-organized. Every aspect, from design to drama to storyline, is flawless.

Daphne, the protagonist, goes to England to meet her biological father and develop a typical connection with him. However, everything changes when she learns that her father is a prominent political figure vying for politics. Now she has to conform to society’s norms while keeping in mind that her actions may cost him the election.


Tracy, a troubled 13-year-old trying to make it through school, is at the story’s center. She is often suicidal and despises her mother’s partner. When Tracy becomes close to Evie, she makes things worse by exposing Tracy to drugs, sex, and petty theft.

Her transformation makes it difficult to stay on good terms with her mother and old acquaintances. As the stresses of her new life begin to mount, she quickly finds herself in a dangerous position.

The Hot Chick

In this tale, spoiled brat Jessica Spenser inhabits the body of living 30-something gas station robber Maxtone. Besides trying to return to her body, she has to learn what occurred last night. While traveling, she gets a profound epiphany about how cruel she has been to those closest to her.

It’s another entry in the “swap bodies” subgenre, but the movie is hilarious enough to make it worthwhile.

Legally Blonde

Movies like Mean Girls

Is it possible for someone to have too much blondeness? She works for Elle, who had her boyfriend reject her because he thought she was too blonde. Then, when he learns that his lover is leaving for Harvard to be with his high school sweetheart, she decides to accompany him there to win him back. She arrives at her destination and quickly learns that the journey is much more complicated than anticipated. If Elle wants what is rightfully hers, she will have to fight for it with her life.

Based on the synopsis, you could assume it’s the first of a series. You will be laughing out loud a lot while reading it. That much is certain. You’ll understand if you’ve ever been ignored or dismissed because your viewpoint differed from someone else’s.


The story follows three famous students from Reagan High who kidnap the prom queen as a joke. They force a jawbreaker into her mouth to prevent her from calling for aid. When these females mistakenly murder her, things go wrong. The situation becomes much more precarious when Mayo, a nerd at their school, finds out.

It never stops being fascinating and hilarious. However, there is enough freshness in the mix to keep you on your toes, even if it borrows from multiple previous films in the same vein. Please check out our previous article on 13 Brilliant Comedy Movies Like Superbad.

Cruel Intentions

In the film “Cruel Intention,” teenagers Sebastian and Kathryn use their money and attractiveness to get their way.

Kathryn wagers that her stepbrother will be unable to have sex with Annette before their wedding. But if he does, Kathryn is his.

Don’t be turned off by the story since Cruel Intentions is a fantastic film with excellent acting. You won’t be able to look away from these two evil twins until the final credits have rolled.


In Heathers, we tag along with a girl as she adjusts to her new surroundings at university. She meets J.D., a rebel who doesn’t care about the school or the crowd, as she tries to fit in with a group of dimwitted gals. These two get along well and plot ingeniously to eliminate the most prominent students in their school.

Heather isn’t only a throwback; it’s also clever and funny in unexpected ways. If you are seeking any movies like Mean Girls, you give Heathers a shot.

Picture this

The story follows a young, geeky girl who is invited to the birthday celebration of the school’s most popular boy. He’s bored with his routine and starts to take an interest in the new female.

The opportunity to advance socially and achieve celebrity status appeals to her. The only issue is that she is grounded all the time. She is resolved to avoid any obstacles, so she accepts her friend’s assistance and makes her escape.

While its plot is obvious, this is nonetheless a fantastic film. Disregard the poor scores given on IMDB and other sites. Picture This is perfect for movie buffs who like comedies like “Mean Girls.”

16 Candles

The story follows Samantha, a 15-year-old girl with a crush on the school’s most popular boy. To top it all off, she has a nerd infatuation at school.

When her family completely forgets her “important” sixteenth birthday, her otherwise pleasant high school experience quickly turns sour. As the special night progresses, she feels ashamed in front of her pals.

It’s hard to think that almost 40 years have passed since its first publication. Although 40 years is a significant amount of time, you might still find common ground with it.

My Sassy Girl

If you don’t understand South Korean, you’ll want to watch My Sassy Girl with subtitles. The protagonist, Kyun-woo, is just an ordinary man who happens across an abused, crocked female on the subway and feels obligated to assist her after being mistaken for her lover.

This girl is nothing but a hassle, yet he puts up with it all because he wants to make her life easier. In recent months, he has felt an increasing feeling of duty for the young lady. Do you think it’s worth his time and effort?

Sure, it’s a Korean film, but it easily outshines the American version. It seems to me that the original is the best option here. The film has an excellent combination of dramatic, romantic, and exciting elements.

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