8 Best Heartfelt Romantic Movies Like The Notebook

Tell me about the aspect of The Notebook that impacted you the most. The production, including the script, the direction, and the actors, is top-notch.
It’s easy to see why this movie is regarded as a classic in the genre of romantic dramas. You’re probably on the lookout for more movies along the same themes. Please have a look at this list I made
All the films on this list have some romantic plot twists.


It’s virtually difficult not to speak about Titanic on this list. It’s a narrative about two young individuals falling in love onboard a luxury ship. They had no idea that their lives were about to alter dramatically. I assume we all know the story specifics. It’s still a delight to see this movie every time.
The film was predicted to break even before its premiere barely. The movie ended up breaking into the public consciousness like no other film. Even over two decades after its first release, Titanic hasn’t lost any of its allure.
People have shown me they are fighting back the tears while watching this. I confess that it gets me every time. It’s not as much of a sobfest as the first time I watched it, but it’s still difficult to see this movie and not feel something.
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s performances were the film’s backbones and both superb. The cinematography and camerawork in this film are also outstanding. I can only imagine how much effort was put into making an accurate portrayal of the ship. The already depressing atmosphere is made even worse by the eerie beauty of the score.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a film adaptation of the same-named book about a 17-year-old with lung cancer. She knows she doesn’t have long to live. Therefore she has cut herself off from her friends and family. She goes to a cancer support group after her parents encourage her to go, and there she meets Gus, an 18-year-old who lost a limb to the disease. Together, they take a trip to the Netherlands to see Van Houten, the author of the dying woman’s favorite book. The news that his cancer has returned changes everything.

Not having read the book, my expectations for the film were low. I’m relieved to say that I was incorrect! I was utterly captivated from the very first scene to the final credits. The young stars provide powerful performances that draw you into their enchanting world and convince you of the truth of their love tale.

Not only is the performance superb, but so are the cinematography and directing. At no time did anything seem to be out of place. A lot of time is spent on setting up the story and characters. Everything comes crashing down on you in the end.


Put aside the misleading title. Ghost is not even somewhat scary as a movie. It’s a tearjerker.

When a young guy is killed in a robbery, his ghost sticks around to protect his family. Before it’s too late, he has to figure out how to talk to her sensibly. Reluctantly, a psychic agrees to assist. Can he save her from harm?

Any story so complex is sure to have flaws. If you pay attention to them, you won’t have time to investigate what makes this movie worth seeing.

This film is so stunning, romantic, and heartfelt that I could go on and on about it. Simply calling ghost a “good movie” would insult its extraordinary quality. You’ll find all the genre elements (mystery, action, romance, and even a touch of horror) that you want.

If you’re in the mood for a film like A Notebook but can handle a bit of suspense and unease, give this one a go. An absolute gem in every respect.

Sense and Sensibility

After the death of the patriarch of the Dashwood family, everything goes wrong for the four female heirs. Two of them, however, resolve to work their way out of this hazardous circumstance and help one other. Can they find a way out of this nightmare?

In a picture with this caliber of acting talent, it would be easy to overlook the filmmaking craft that went into its production in favor of praising the performers. Every asset is deserving of praise here.

Sweet November

Nelson, a young and prosperous San Francisco resident, is the protagonist. When a lady called Sara comes into his life, everything changes. After a series of unfortunate events, he ends himself sharing a home with her for the whole month of November.
The conclusion is somewhat predictable, but it’s for a good cause. A twist conclusion à la The Sixth Sense is not what this lovely and endearing narrative needs.

The depth to which this film may move you is astounding. The month of November is hardly an epic by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a feel-good romantic comedy with a powerful message.

A Walk to Remember

Landon Carter, the protagonist, is a well-liked student who has yet to commit to a career path. One of his pranks backfires, and he has to do community service as punishment. After meeting Jamie, a quiet but determined young woman, things start looking up. When he finally gives in to his feelings for her, he uncovers a long-kept secret on her part. Ultimately, this experience teaches him the meaning of love, sacrifice, and destiny.
Both protagonists provide performances that are so heartfelt and real that they leave the audience speechless and emotional. Almost mesmerizing is the best way to describe it, and I’m not exaggerating.

The movie is straightforwardly a romantic comedy and nothing more. Since its release a few years ago, it has steadily gained fans because of its appealing simplicity.

The Holiday

In The Holiday, we follow two ladies as they cope with their male issues from different sides of the globe. They hit it off on a home-exchanging website and decided to try it out for their vacation. The last thing they want to do is fall in love with a man, yet that’s exactly what happens.

A romantic comedy, this film is lighthearted and fun. This is not the film for you if you’re hoping for a tearjerker. I’m aware that some readers despise this kind of story. It’s sensible to proceed with caution given our history of disappointment with it. If you have an extra 138 minutes, I highly recommend seeing this film.

The Holiday is a classic for a reason; it has more Christmas music than I can recall and many great comedic and romantic scenes.

Definitely, Maybe

The protagonist, an 11-year-old girl, is obsessed with learning as much as possible about her mother and her father’s previous ex-wives. And he’s content with the decisions he’s made in the past, so everything is as it should be. But the girl can see that her dad isn’t thrilled. Her goals are apparent. This plan aims to have him rekindle his romance with her mother. Will she be able to complete her task?

The script and cinematography are also beautifully done because of the excellent acting choices. Ideal casting decisions were made with Ryan Reynolds in mind. All the actors, including Rachel Weisz and Kevin Kline, were terrific in their parts. The tiny child, though, is the film’s standout performer.

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