Nelson County Deputy Injured By Shot on Arm: Kentucky State Police Looking Into Incident.

After one of the Nelson County Deputy Injured was by shot, the Kentucky State Police began looking into the incident. The incident happened on a Friday night in Portland, Kentucky, near the intersection of Greer Lane and Ivy Avenue.

Nelson County Deputy Injured

A cop from Nelson County, according to Sheriff Ramon Pineiro, was shot in the arm during the incident. The cop has been brought to University Hospital in Louisville, and his or her condition is said to be stable. An arrest has been made, according to Pineiro. Two deputies from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office were involved in the incident, and both discharged their firearms. They’re putting those deputies on leave while they investigate.

The inquiry is being led by the Kentucky State Police, as they have verified. Kevin Coulter resides directly across the street from the murder house. To investigate the source of the noise, Coulter reportedly stepped outside. What matters most to me is seeing him as I opened the ambulance door and knowing he was OK, as Pineiro put it. The idea is “that none of my guys goes under my watch.” As he looked out onto his porch, he noticed his neighbour standing there with a weapon, firing at the police.

Coulter hid among the trees in his backyard. However, his home was damaged. He claimed to have seen multiple rounds strike his roof and one entering his home through an open window. He claimed that a school bus was letting out students on the street at the same time this was occurring. Coulter claimed that they left quickly as the bus driver noticed what was happening. It’s too bad the cop didn’t just cap him when the school bus came up the road, as Coulter put it. ‘Cause, you’re endangering the lives of children. The thing that troubled me the most was exactly that. It would have been better if they had shot him right in the eye.

According to Coulter, the shooter turned his rifle toward his home when a police officer walked through his front yard. In light of the shooter’s lack of remorse toward him, the police, and, most importantly, the children, he stated he felt no need to apologise to him. Coulter is unaware of the man’s identity. He claimed to have seen him in public previously but never had the chance to meet him.

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