Northern Lights Seen in Boston

Rare Northern Lights Seen in Boston Above New England on Sunday!

What Did the Aurora Borealis Look Like Seen on Sunday Night in New England? Rarely do we see the aurora borealis in our part of the Boston region in its full splendor.

On Sunday evening, the northern half of the United States was treated to a spectacular sight in the sky when they looked north: the aurora borealis could be seen all the way down to Oklahoma and even into northern Arizona.

Cloud cover prevented many people in New England from seeing this spectacular show of the Northern Lights, despite the fact that the entire region had the opportunity to see it.

The whole of the state of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and southern Vermont were among the best places to watch the meteor shower, whilst the states of New Hampshire, eastern Massachusetts, and Maine were obscured by cloud cover and drizzle for the majority of the night.

Northern Lights Seen in Boston
Northern Lights Seen in Boston

On the other hand, those who remained patient were rewarded with a view of the Northern Lights in the early hours of Monday morning. It is not very often that the Aurora Borealis will put on a show quite as spectacular as this one in the Boston region.

Strong geomagnetic storms have produced breathtaking displays of the Northern Lights over the past month, and regions that only occasionally see them, such as the South, have been treated to wonderful views of the phenomenon.

A “G” scale is used to rate the intensity of geomagnetic storms. A G1 Storm is a light one, a G2 Storm is a moderate one, a G3 Storm is a strong one, and a G4 Storm is a severe one.

You may have a look at this tweet by Eli Mernit’s official account for visuals he captured from a plane:

A storm with a G3 or higher intensity is required in order for us to observe auroras at this latitude. The storm that occurred on Sunday night was a strong G4, possibly the strongest in the past two decades.

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It is quite unusual for there to be two significant geomagnetic storms within the same month. When a storm of this strength arrives, auroras can be seen with the naked eye, but the visibility of auroras can be substantially enhanced with mobile cameras.

Keep in mind to choose a location away from the light pollution of the city for any future activities. To get a better shot of the Northern Lights, point the camera on your phone toward the horizon in the north.

Unfortunately, there are not expected to be any significant geomagnetic storms in the foreseeable future.

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