Oregon Health Department Accepts Amazon and One Medical Purchase

Oregon Health Department: Amazon’s proposed acquisition of primary care provider One Medical has been approved by Oregon’s health regulator, removing a potential roadblock for the digital and e-commerce behemoth on its way to gaining a stronger presence in the healthcare industry.

Oregon Health Department Accepts the Purchase of Amazon and One Medical

The Oregon Health Authority is responsible for conducting reviews of business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, in accordance with a recently enacted regulation at the state level. These reviews investigate the potential effects of these transactions on the cost of care, the quality of care, equity, and access to services. Given that there are five One Medical clinics located in Oregon, the proposed Amazon contract is within the scope of the state agency.

Amazon announced in July that it had agreed to pay $3.9 billion for One Medical, a membership-based service that offers both virtual treatment and in-person consultations. The Oregon Health Authority began a thirty-day preliminary evaluation of the transaction at the end of November. The agency announced on Wednesday that it had decided to proceed with the sale, but with some conditions.

Oregon Health Department

According to the study written by the Oregon health department, the preliminary evaluation indicated that the acquisition by Amazon was not anticipated to significantly limit access to affordable health care in the state of Oregon. This is due in part to the fact that patients have a multitude of other options to get comparable sorts of services, as well as the fact that patients of One Medical make up a very tiny percentage of the total number of persons receiving care in the state.

The agency went on to say that while Amazon’s sophisticated supply chain and purchasing power may provide efficiency and savings for One Medical, it is not certain that these savings will be passed on to customers.

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