In 2023, Inflation Will Have the Greatest Impact on Oregon House Rent

Oregon House Rent: The Oregon Senate bill that addressed rent increases and was eventually approved in 2019 may still have an impact in 2023. And it may be especially difficult for those who rely on a fixed income.

Landlords in Oregon are permitted to raise rents by 7% plus the rate of inflation under Senate Bill 608, also known as the “No Cause Eviction Protection and Rent Cap” bill. Because inflation has been so high for so long, this could result in a 14.6% increase.

Inflation Will Have The Most Influence On Oregon Rent In 2023

Tenant Justin Metzler expressed his dissatisfaction with the rising cost of rent by saying it is “very difficult.” The limit applies only to apartment complexes that are 15 years or older. Landlords can raise the rent on properties built within the last ten years or so at their discretion.

Oregon House Rent

Molly Heiss, a representative for NeighborImpact, stated that the year 2023 is the first year in which a higher rent ceiling would be implemented as a result of inflation. The maximum allowable rise in rent across the state was set at 7%, in addition to the west coast consumer price index, thanks to Senate Bill 608. If you pay $1,000 per month for rent and multiply that number by 0.146, your new monthly rent might be $146 more than it was before. This is explained more simply in the following example.

Her primary concern, according to Heiss, is for those who live on a fixed income. Each month, they earn around $733, $788, and possibly $812. Heiss believes that $252 per month is the ideal rent for them to pay in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you have questions or concerns about your rental agreement, Heiss recommends contacting Legal Aid Services of Oregon.

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