Oregon Labour Force is Shrinking Due to an Ageing Population

Oregon Labour Force: Oregon residents who have yet to receive checks from the state Treasury for uncashed salaries, security deposits, tax refunds, or other forms of unclaimed property will soon receive checks worth up to $10,000.

Oregon Labor Force Is Shrinking

Oregon’s current and former residents can expect to receive approximately $10 million in unclaimed funds declared by Treasurer Tobias Read last week. According to Eric Engelson, the Treasury’s public information director, this is a negligible portion of the nearly $880 million in unclaimed property that the state currently manages.

It gives us great pleasure to return millions of dollars in unclaimed cash to their rightful owners,” Read said in a statement. “Treasury is dedicated to raising awareness across Oregon and providing easy, accessible ways for individuals to discover and claim money owed to them, in addition to collecting and safeguarding unclaimed property from Oregonians.”

Oregon Labour Force

Check unclaimed.oregon.gov to see if you are owed money or property. Forgotten bank or investment accounts, uncashed cheques, tax refunds, and utility bill credits are all examples of personal property that may go unclaimed.

In order to obtain their money, Oregon residents typically have to make a claim with the Treasury. Some persons who have unclaimed property from 2018, 2019, or 2020 will get direct deposits this spring. Eligible property is owned by a single person, has a value between $50 and $10,000, was reported using the owner’s Social Security number, and is not an investment in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

The first checks for property reported in 2018 will be mailed in February, with Treasury letters notifying recipients one month in advance. Following that, you’ll receive your check for the 2019 reported property in April, and your check for 2020 reported property in June of 2020.

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