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Oregon Politicians have Proposed nearly 2,000 Bills for the 2023 Legislative Session

Oregon Politicians: On the first day of the new Oregon legislative session, next Tuesday, legislators will have submitted approximately 2,000 bills for consideration. Speakers of the House and Senate will begin scheduling hearings after Friday, when they must have sent the first draught of their legislation to legal staff.

Oregon Politicians Propose Approximately 2,000 Measures For The 2023 Legislative Session

Legislation to address the state’s housing shortage and the growing number of people sleeping on the streets has been proposed. One of the proposals makes an attempt to assist tenants whose eligibility for subsidised housing is about to expire.

Democratic Representative Courtney Neron has introduced House Bill 3042, which would mandate 30 months’ advance notice for the expiration of rent control and other forms of affordable housing safeguards.

Heidi Johnstone, a Tigard resident, learned last year that the affordable housing protections on her property were set to expire. Since then, Representative Neron has been collaborating with Johnstone. Her rent can be raised to market value after 12 months. She bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t find anything suitable at a reasonable price.

“I’ve been looking for low-income property, and the waiting lists on these available houses are years long,” Johnstone explained.

Oregon Politicians

It “allows that property to be maintained and acquired by a developer and owner who would conserve it long term,” as Rob Prasch, Preservation Director at Network For Oregon Affordable Housing, put it while working on the bill’s design.

After the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent drop in Oregon’s standardized test results, education has remained a key priority, as seen by the submission of over 100 laws addressing the issue. Several of them are:

  • Democratic Representative Tawna Sanchez introduced House Bill 2646, which would mandate training for school personnel to identify symptoms that a youngster is experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Republican Senator Bill Hansell has introduced Senate Bill 453 to mandate that schools create separate athletic divisions for males and females.
  • Republican Representative Lily Morgan has introduced House Bill 2554, which would need parental permission before introducing sexual education into the classroom.
  • Democratic Senator Chris Gorsek has introduced Senate Bill 238 to mandate that the
  • Oregon Health Authority and the state’s board of education create a program to educate students about the risks associated with substance abuse.

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