Oregon Still Pays For Development On Federal Property

Oregon Still Pays: That is not equivalent to the arrangement between Oregon and its federally-owned forest areas. It’s fairly comparable. 60% of Oregon’s forested areas are under the management of federal foresters. Numerous millions of acres require landscaping work. And Oregon is spending millions on the project with the federal government.

Oregon Still Pays For Development On Federal Property

The state experienced 11 fatal wildfires in 2020. The burned area surpassed 1.3 million acres. There were 3,522 structures destroyed in total. Families were forced to relocate. The fires cost nearly $130 million to put out. The indirect damage was estimated to be $6.24 billion. These figures were provided by the state’s Legislative Fiscal Office.

We are aware of the debate over what should be done with federal or other forest lands. Some argue that doing nothing and letting nature take its course on federal forest holdings will allow the woods to return to their natural state. The problem is that wildfires will inevitably result in more deaths and property destruction.

Thinning can be beneficial. Restoration initiatives that aim to return the woods to their natural state are also clever. It will not extinguish or slow down all wildfires. It could be advantageous.

Oregon Still Pays

Oregon has formed a partnership to complete some of that work. For the years 2021-2023, the state contributed $6.5 million, leveraging $8.25 million in federal funds and revenues. It bears repeating: Oregon pays the federal government $6.5 million to maintain federal forests.

We have no doubt that the funds will be put to good use. It contributes to the efforts of forest collaboratives such as the Deschutes collaborative, which engages in a variety of activities to foster consensus on restoration efforts. The funds will be used to examine the Deschutes National Forest’s user-made roads and trails. It supports successful therapeutic efforts.

However, Oregon already has a lot of issues, so we have to question why Oregon is paying the federal government to manage its woods there more effectively.

Isn’t it the federal government’s responsibility to foot the bill? Shouldn’t we be reimbursed for the money we’ve already put into it?

Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, Representative Cliff Bentz, and new Representative Lori Chavez-DeRemer may be able to put their political differences aside and act.

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