Our First GAY Kiss-Arif and Ricky’s Gay

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Branden and Stephen

In 2009, an anonymous internet dating service helped a closeted gay man named Branden connect with an out and proud man named Stephen. After exchanging messages for a while, we agreed to meet up in person.  There was a neighbourhood brewery where we had our first date, where we stayed and spoke and shot pool for hours. 

We had so much in common, from both having grown up in rural areas of Alberta to this being our first gay relationship, that we hit it off right away. A month later, I guess you could say we were “official” boyfriends. Our feelings for each other were completely overwhelming. Since Branden and I worked different shifts, he would have to drive an hour just to see Stephen for a few minutes before he started his shift.

Our First GAY Kiss-Arif and Ricky's Gay
Our First GAY Kiss-Arif and Ricky’s Gay

Stephen, who had recently come out of the closet, encouraged Branden during the first year of his coming out process. Because of this, our friendship is much stronger now. We were living together within a year and were married five years later with 150 of our closest friends and family members in attendance. A dozen years and counting have passed since we first met. Over the years, we’ve grown closer, and now we can’t wait to share in life’s adventures together.

Hartmut and Luis

When I was studying abroad in Frankfurt, Germany in 1978, I met my future husband. My husband Luis was born in Spain in 1945, and I in Germany in 1956. From 1980 through 1990, we called the Frankfurt area home (not necessarily jointly). After that, Luis relocated to Spain and I stayed in Germany. We had been dating for 12 years before we decided to put things on hold. Unfortunately, it was at this time that Luis was diagnosed with lymphoma and, subsequently, HIV.

We reconciled and I bought a condo in Mallorca, but I stayed in Germany because I had a stable work there until 2002. Every chance I got, I made the trip out to the island. I left my job in 2002 and went to Mallorca with Luis, where I now work in the hospitality industry. At long last, in 2017, we tied the knot and settled into our brand new apartment. The fates, however, had other plans, and in November of 2018 Luis was diagnosed with liver cancer; he passed away on January 28th, 2019. As far as I’m concerned, he was the only one.

Arif and Ricky

It’s possible that the ice cream that merged our lives into infinity was chocolate, but the truth is that we have no recollection of its taste. We used to be Front of House staff on the West End. We were both members of the same theatre company but had offices in different buildings. Arif was recognised as a “Mystery Shopper” as recognition for his outstanding service to customers.

A gift was made for him to go with a group of friends to the theatre. In this capacity, he was tasked with rating the theatre and its employees in order to select the next “Mystery Shopper.” The break in Mamma Mia wasn’t long enough, but it was long enough to see the start of something wonderful. Arif here scouted for a place to get some ice cream. Then I looked up and became swept away by Ricky’s enchanting blue eyes. All at once, it became irrelevant to consider anything else.

A mere three months after that enchanted meeting, my theatre was closed for two weeks while the production was switched over to a new play. Where exactly was I stationed while we waited? Yes! You understood. An evening at Ricky’s theatre! After only a few days of talking, Ricky kissed me in the locker room when I was getting changed.

All that happened after that led to our current situation. Now, more fulfilled than ever, we’re working to create our own Wonderland and hope to motivate others to do the same.

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