Parler rejects Kanye West’s claim that he ‘likes’ Hitler

Parler rejects Kanye West: Parler, the right-leaning social media platform, will no longer be sold to Ye, its parent company said, hours after the rapper formerly known as Kanye West praised Adolf Hitler.

Parlement Technologies said on Thursday the company and Ye had “mutually agreed” not to go ahead with the sale and that the decision had been made last month. “In mid-November, this decision was made in the best interests of both parties,” the business stated in a statement. “Parler will continue to pursue future chances for growth and the expansion of our robust community’s platform.”

Due to its permissive moderation practises, Parler, which was founded in 2018 as a free speech alternative to conventional platforms such as Twitter, has gained popularity among conservatives, libertarians, and far-right personalities.

The platform attracted widespread scrutiny after it was booted off the internet by Google, Amazon, and Apple amid claims it had failed to police violent content in the lead-up to the January 6 riot at the United States Capitol. The app was relaunched with new leadership in February 2021.

Parler rejects Kanye West

Parlement Technologies and Ye stated in October that they would sell the platform for an unknown fee in the fourth quarter of 2022. The auction was cancelled just hours after Ye made an unusual appearance on Infowars, the talk programme run by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, during which he repeatedly voiced sympathy for Hitler and the Nazis.

Several times during his hour-long appearance, Ye, who was wearing a black mask over his face, stated that he likes Hitler and that the Nazis did “good things too.” “We ought to cease constantly disparaging Nazis… “I adore Nazis,” Ye stated.

Ye, who suffers from bipolar disorder and has a long history of erratic behaviour, has attracted controversy with a series of anti-Semitic remarks that have prompted big brands to cut ties with the rapper-businessman. Adidas cancelled a $1.5 billion agreement with Ye last month after the rapper claimed Jewish people ruined him and “controlled the Black voice.”

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