Pat Mcafee Net Worth: How Much Does WWE Pay The NFL Punter?

From the United States, Patrick Justin McAfee is a sports commentator, pro wrestler, stand-up comedian, and podcast host. Immediately following the turn of 2000, Pat McAfee’s profile skyrocketed. He started as the punter for the team.

Pat Mcafee Net Worth

Performed on the gridiron for the Indianapolis Colts from 2009-2017. Over that span, he participated in more than 127 games and punted 575 times. McAfee has been employed by WWE as both a color analyst and a professional wrestler since his retirement from football in February of 2017.

Pat Mcafee Net Worth

Currently, Pat McAfee has a net worth of around $24 million. Pat McAfee might have made $40 million in the sports industry. In 2014, he signed a five-year, $14 million contract with a $5 million guarantee. Before that, his football career had already earned him $4.7 million. McAfee’s annual salary at Fan Duel is set to increase to $30,000,000 by 2021.

Pat McAfee’s fame has increased greatly since his days as a professional football player. He is well-known for his roles as a radio host, sideline reporter, analyst, and commentator on ESPN, Fox Sports, and the World Wrestling Entertainment network (WWE). As of 2022, he is projected to have amassed $24 million thanks to his work in World Wrestling Entertainment and other television series.

Pat Mcafee’s Childhood Life

Pat McAfee entered this world on May 2, 1987, in the Pennsylvania community of Plum. At Plum High, he participated in both football and basketball. By the time he was a senior in high school in the new millennium, he had given football his full attention.

He was recognized as one of the best kickers in the country, and he got to participate in a few games. McAfee started playing college football for the West Virginia Mountaineers as a freshman in 2005.

A total of 20 of his 70 kickoffs this season resulted in touchbacks. As a rookie, he made 11 of 18 field goal attempts, and his onside kick in a 46-44 triple-overtime victory over Louisville was crucial. He took his already great play to new heights the next year, leading his team to victories over nationally regarded opponents like Georgia Tech and USF.

The profession of Pat Mcafee

Late in 2009, he signed on with the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, where he would punt and provide color commentary. Back in 2007 and 2008, as a junior and senior in high school, he achieved a lot and was acknowledged for it.

His fellow Mountaineers Pat White and Ellis Lankster were already in the league when he first entered it in 2009, having been asked to play in the Senior Bowl. Pat McAfee got his first professional contract after being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2009 NFL Draft, making him the first player in his family to get a salary in the NFL.

In his career as a punter, he has consistently maintained a 46.6-yard average that goes back to before 2011. He was estimated to be valued at around $3 million when he signed a massive, five-year contract with the Colts in 2014. After eight successful seasons and several awards, he decided to leave the NFL in February 2017 due to knee problems.

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Pat McAfee was able to advance his career because of the many connections he developed and the roles he performed in different sports groups. After he retired from professional football, Barstool Sports welcomed him with open arms, and he soon had his talk program, “The Pat McAfee Show,” airing on the Sirius XM radio network.

The same could be said regarding his tenure as a color analyst on such Fox Sports and ESPNprogramss as “Get Up” and “Thursday Night College Football.” In addition to co-hosting the sports podcast “McAfee and Hawk: Sports Talk” alongside AJ Hawk, he has been on “The Bob and somehow.”

Successful Wrestling Career of Pat Mcafee

Pat McAfee’s success can also be attributed to the multiyear contract he signed with WWE. His 2019 start date with the company follows a series of public appearances he made in 2018. Mcafee is responsible for both color commentary for NXT shows and the live YouTube pay-per-view follow-along. He and fellow wrestler Adam Cole first discussed competing against one other at NXT Take Over XXX in the summer of 2020. McAfee may have lost his initial fight, but he gained millions of new followers because of the exposure he received.

The Private Life of Pat Mcafee

Since Pat McAfee has never married, he has no children. He invested $2,000,000 of his professional earnings and spent between $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 on his own lifestyle. It would have cost him roughly $500,000 a year to run the business.

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