Mathias Pogba, Paul Brother has Apparently been Taken into Jail

France and Juventus footballer Paul Pogba has claimed he has been the object of extortion attempts and threats, prompting authorities to briefly hold and investigate the player’s older brother, Mathias Pogba.

According to a source close to the inquiry, “Mathias Pogba submitted himself to the detectives in the early afternoon and was brought into jail” on Wednesday. A lawyer who did not want to be identified stated that three further suspects were now in detention.


After preliminary research, the government will launch a full-scale inquiry into the claims of abduction, extortion by an armed group, and criminal conspiracy. After being threatened with violence by childhood pals in March, Paul Pogba reported the incident to the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Last month, Paul Pogba was seen in Las Vegas before a Juventus exhibition game.

Paul Pogba a

lleges that a criminal organization extorted him.


Judiciary sources confirmed this month to Reuters that the ex-Manchester United footballer paid 100,000 euros (about £86,460) to that organization back in the spring. In social media posts, Mathias Pogba strongly refuted the charges. His attorney has said, most recently on Friday, that he is innocent of the extortion charges.

After his brother, Mathias Pogba, posted a peculiar video online on August 27 claiming to have “big disclosures” concerning his younger brother, his lawyer Richard Arbib released a statement denying the claims. The information was delivered in French, Italian, English, and Spanish.

Mathias Pogba “strongly claims he knows nothing about any extortion effort against his brother, Paul Pogba,” the lawyer said in a statement, “considering how the case has escalated and the considerable media attention surrounding it.”

The judicial authorities, who are already engaged, will assess the outside threats that have caused the Pogba family so much trouble. Mathias Pogba, who wants to settle things with his brother above all else, will now solely communicate with the investigating magistrates.

Last Monday, it was revealed that two investigating judges would be in charge of conducting the investigation. The anti-gang and central crime sections of the French police are working together on this case.

After suffering a knee injury, Paul Pogba’s chances of joining his French national team at the World Cup in Qatar this year are slim. The midfielder had a “successful” operation earlier this month.

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