Paula Abdul Net Worth: How Much Does Paula Abdul He Make on American Idol?

American singer-songwriter Paula Abdul also works as an actress, choreographer, dancer, and television personality. At the age of 18, Abdul started her work as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers. She later rose to the position of chief choreographer for the Laker Girls, where The Jacksons first saw her.

Her reputation as one of the world’s top vocalists has grown over the years.  Here are more details about Paula Abdul’s Net Worth.

What is Paula Abdul’s Net Worth?

Paula Abdul is a dancer, singer, actress, choreographer, and producer who was born in California. Her net worth is $30 million. Over the course of her four decades in show business, Paula Abdul has worked as a choreographer, pop singer, reality TV star, and more. Paula Abdul’s career has experienced significant ups and downs.

She joined the Laker Girls cheer squad by audition, and after a short while, she became head choreographer. She worked with the entire Jackson family, choreographing sequences for “Big,” “Coming to America,” “Jerry Maguire,” “American Beauty,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” and a long list of other high-profile projects, in addition to choreographing Janet Jackson’s “Control” tour.

Her work with the Laker Girls also led to choreography gigs for television, music videos, films, and tours. Along with her multi-Emmy-winning choreography, she received a Grammy Award and started a very successful music career in the 1990s that produced six #1 hits. In the early 2000s, she reappeared on television as a judge on “American Idol” following a hiatus from the limelight.

Paula Abdul Net Worth
Paula Abdul Net Worth

She has since continued to choreograph, judged several shows, and generally relished her comeback to the public eye. In addition, she was a judge on the inaugural season of “The X Factor” in the United States.

The program had a few problems and wasn’t as successful as its creator, Simon Cowell, had intended. But a lot of people watched only to see Mr. Cowell and Ms. Abdul back in the judges’ chair, taking viewers back to their early “Idol” days.

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Paula Abdul Early Life

On June 19, 1962, Paula Abdul was born in San Fernando, California. She started taking dancing classes at a young age and was an honor student and cheerleader at Van Nuys High School. In 1980, Abdul enrolled at California State University, Northridge.

Selected among 700 applicants, she became a well-known “Laker Girl” cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team during her first year of competition. She became the chief choreographer a year later. Her dancing and choreography careers took off in just six months, and she quit the institution.

Paula Abdul Career

Her first significant assignment was choreographing The Jacksons’ “Torture” music video, which she had the opportunity to work on after several band members saw her at an LA Lakers game. Later on, she also coordinated their “Victory” tour. Abdul was also selected to choreograph Tom Hanks’ character’s massive keyboard performance in the 1988 movie “Big.”

She recorded a singing demo with her money in 1987, and Virgin Records signed her. Abdul received voice coaching to help her develop her voice because, despite her talent as a dancer and choreographer, she was an untrained singer.

In 1988, she released “Forever Your Girl,” her first studio album, which went on to become the most successful debut album in history at the time. In 1989, it received a platinum certification after topping the Billboard chart for ten weeks. See her Instagram post below:


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Paula, who also choreographed “Opposites Attract,” took home the Best Music Video Grammy for the first time. Abdul took a break from music for personal and health-related reasons. Her 1995 return single, “Head over Heels,” had some financial success but ended up being her lowest-selling album.

Her huge comeback single, “Spinning Around,” which she co-wrote in 1997, ended up going to Kylie Minogue instead. During this period, she also choreographed scenes for theater and film, including the cheerleading sequences in 1999’s “American Beauty.” She also released a few fitness DVDs. She had severed her ties to Virgin Records by 2000.

Paula Abdul American Idol

Abdul secured a position as one of the three judges on the Fox reality competition series “American Idol” in 2002. She received recognition for her empathetic and nurturing approach as a mentor and judge, particularly in contrast to the brazen demeanor of fellow judge Simon Cowell.

Their disparate aesthetics led to intense and dramatic on-air arguments. In addition to her job on “American Idol,” Paula was a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight.”

With the release of the 2008 single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” Abdul had his first appearance on the list in thirteen years. After eight seasons, Paula left “American Idol” in July 2009 because of disagreements around salary negotiations.

Although she was getting $5 million a season, she was asking for a return of up to $20 million. Ellen Degeneres filled her spot.

Paula Abdul Other Television Work

In May 2011, news broke that Abdul would be teaming up with Simon Cowell again for the debut season of The X Factor in the United States. Nevertheless, Demi Lovato took her spot when she did not come back for a second season.

She was selected as a judge on the Australian edition of “So You Think You Can dancing” after appearing as a guest judge on the dancing competition television show in 2013. Abdul only served as a judge on the American version of the show for two years before returning as a permanent member.

Paula Abdul Return to Performing

At the Mixtape Festival in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on August 6, 2016, Abdul had his first full headlining performance in 26 years. Her first tour in 25 years began in 2017 when she joined Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block on their return tour. Together, they performed in 47 different performances.

Abdul started her “Straight Up Paula!” solo tour in October 2018 and will play 27 dates overall. August 13, 2019, marked the start of Paula Abdul’s first Las Vegas residency, “Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl,” which concluded in January 2020.

Paula Abdul Personal Life

Abdul disclosed that she had battled bulimia since she was a teenager and that she had received treatment for it in 1994. Paula accused a man of beating her up at a party in April 2006, saying he got into an argument with her, grabbed her, and threw her against a wall.

She suffered spinal damage in addition to a concussion. November 11, 2008, found Paula Goodspeed, 30, dead in her car from an overdose outside Abdul’s Sherman Oaks, California, house. Abdul has been the subject of an obsessive, almost stalker-like fandom from Goodspeed.

Paula was married to Emilio Estevez from 1992 to 1994. Brad Beckerman was her husband from 1996 to 1998. She doesn’t have any kids. She is a devout dog lover and observes Judaism.

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