Philadelphia 76ers: De’Anthony Melton-Danny Green Trade Grades in the 2022 NBA Draft!

The 2022 NBA Draft went very well for the Philadelphia 76ers. They only had one pick, but they gave it to the Memphis Grizzlies in a trade. The Sixers got De’Anthony Melton in exchange for the 23rd overall pick and Danny Green.

In the James Harden trade, the Sixers gave the Brooklyn Nets the right to their pick. In the end, the Sixers got their pick back and sent the Nets their first-round pick in 2023. With it, Philadelphia picked David Roddy from Colorado in the draught and moved him to get a winger with more experience.

Melton, who turned 24 last month, is coming off one of his most productive seasons. In 22.7 minutes per game, he averaged 10.8 points, 4.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists, and 1.4 steals while shooting 40.4 percent from the field and 37.4 percent from beyond the arc. He will most likely fill Green’s spot in the Sixers’ starting lineup but could also come off the bench just like he did in Memphis.

Melton is a great defender, shooter, and scorer, so it doesn’t matter where Doc Rivers puts him. The 76ers got a lot out of this trade.

76ers 2022 NBA Draft Grades

Philadelphia gets an A for their 2022 NBA Draft night.

Right now, the Sixers need players who will help them win. Even though Tyrese Maxey, who was picked 21st overall two years ago, shows that players taken later in the first round can still be very good, history shows that it is very hard to find players of his caliber that far in the draught. A team that wants to win a championship should try to find a more reliable player.

Before the draft began, the Sixers were reportedly looking to trade Matisse Thybulle along with the 23rd pick. A trade for Eric Gordon seemed very much in play, but Philadelphia took a different route. Although Gordon’s shooting would be very helpful, trading for Melton gives the 76ers someone who has a cleaner bill of health and is almost a decade younger.

Melton is still young, and each of the next two seasons will pay him about $9 million, according to his contract. He has been a key player on a team that made the playoffs for the past two years, and the 76ers should expect the same from him. They needed guys who had been to the playoffs before. They not only found one, but they also hired someone who can grow with the team for a long time.

76ers 2022 NBA Draft Grades

Now, the Sixers can keep Thybulle for future trades or keep using him as a key player on the bench. Melton is a very good defender, even though he doesn’t cover as much ground as Thybulle. He gives Philadelphia some security, either with or instead of Thybulle.

The 76ers also did very well because they traded their most important piece. Green had to be traded this offseason because his contract was up and he almost certainly won’t play at all next year. It might be smart to get rid of Thybulle, but Green had to be traded for someone who can help this season.

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