Which Steelers Game in the 2022 Regular Season Would You Like to Attend?

For the first time, the NFL’s 2022 schedule has been made public for a full week. Big Bro Scho and I discussed the schedule from the point of view of going to the games on Tuesday’s episode of the Scho Bro Show podcast. Even though some Steelers fans can afford to go to numerous games each season, there are many more who would be thrilled to see the Steelers play only once in their lives. We’re here to help you prepare for the 2022 NFL season.

People who plan on attending just one game this season should be aware of this practice. If you go to more than half of the games, each one has its unique charm. But if you’re only going to one game this year, you should focus on having the finest time possible.

First, I’d want to mention that preseason games can be a terrific opportunity for some fans who are seeking a special experience during the season. You can take your kids to a game during the preseason if your budget doesn’t allow for it during the regular season. If you get tickets straight from the Pittsburgh Steelers, you should expect to pay less than half of what you would pay for the same seats in the regular season. Towards the end of the game, the stadium is much less packed. Preseason games are more laid back because the outcome isn’t as significant as it is in regular-season games. Because preseason games are usually held before school starts up, you may want to consider attending one if you’re seeking to take a small child to their first game.

I’ve broken down the regular-season games into two categories: first and second place. First, let’s take a look at the away games and what they can offer as a fan experience. As a reminder, these are the Pittsburgh Steelers’ next away games:

Week 1: at Cincinnati Bengals at 1 PM
Week 3: at Cleveland Browns Thursday 8:15 PM
Week 5: at Buffalo Bills at 1 PM
Week 7: at Miami Dolphins at 8:20 PM
Week 8: at Philadelphia Eagles at 1 PM
Week 12: at Indianapolis Colts Monday 8:15 PM
Week 13: at Atlanta Falcons at 1 PM
Week 15: at Carolina Panthers at 1 PM
Week 17: at Baltimore Ravens at 1 PM

Many Steelers supporters who travel to away games do so because they want to get a closer look at the team than they can get at home games. Southerners will have an easier time catching the black and gold in Miami or Atlanta than northerners will.

In terms of the Steelers’ season opener in Cincinnati, unless you have your heart set on watching the team play for the first time since Ben Roethlisberger retired, I’d recommend going to Heinz Field instead. You may prefer the Indianapolis game if you must travel east merely to get to Cincinnati, even though it is on a Monday night. A large number of Pittsburgh Steelers supporters attend games in Buffalo and Cleveland because they don’t want one game to be “their only one” and want to see as many games as possible.

Pittsburgh Steelers Game
Pittsburgh Steelers Game

When it comes to the Baltimore game, I’m a little biased. As someone who lives considerably closer to M&T Bank Stadium than Heinz Field, I’d rather drive the 3.5 hours to the Steel City than return there. If I had the choice between going to a game in Pittsburgh or going to Baltimore, I wouldn’t select the latter.

You can catch the Steelers at Atlanta or Charlotte if you want the best road experience in 2022. Many things are available for Steelers fans to take advantage of in cities where the club does not frequently play. As NFC rivals, these teams’ supporters are less likely than those of other teams to have issues with visiting fans. For example, even though Philadelphia is an NFC opponent, I’m not sure I’d ever want to attend a game where the home crowd had an advantage.

Now that I’ve covered the Steelers’ road games, let’s move on to the home games:

Week 2: vs New England Patriots at 1 PM
Week 4: vs New York Jets at 1 PM
Week 6: vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 1 PM
Week 10: vs New Orleans Saints at 1 PM
Week 11: vs Cincinnati Bengals at 8:20 PM
Week 14: vs Baltimore Ravens at 1 PM
Week 16: vs Las Vegas Raiders Saturday 8:15 PM
Week 18: vs Cleveland Browns TBD

This year’s Heinz Field schedule is full of surprises. Seeing the Patriots play at 1 PM in September for the home opener would be a great experience. When the Steelers return from their “mini bye” in Week 4 against the Jets, there’s a chance Kenny Pickett will make his Heinz Field debut against the Patriots in Week 2. After their bye week, the Pittsburgh Steelers could face the New Orleans Saints at home in November. There’s no guarantee that the Pittsburgh Steelers will use their first-round draught pick from the 2022 season, but these are players to keep an eye on.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2022 season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is sure to be a sellout in the Steel City. Heinz Field will likely see the last of Tom Brady until the NFL changes the way it manages the schedule or a new team comes into play. These tickets appear to be the most expensive at the moment regardless of whether or not that thrills Steelers supporters.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ Sunday night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is a must-see if you’re in Pittsburgh during prime time. Of course, the Steelers and Raiders will meet on Christmas Eve in prime time, but that game is likely to draw a very specific in-person audience. Some people will be able to do this because of the holiday, but others won’t be able to.

Lastly, a 1 PM clash against the Baltimore Ravens is ideal for Steelers supporters who want to experience the rivalry atmosphere. The only difference between now and when the Browns’ season-ending game will be played is that the date and time have not yet been determined. The significance of the Steeler’s final home game will be determined by the significance of the previous 16 games, which could make it exciting or meaningless.

So, there you have it: a summary of the Steelers’ 2022 schedule and some suggestions for how fans might get the most out of it, depending on their preferences. So, if you could only go to one game, which one would you choose? Make sure to leave a comment below with your response.

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