Police Report Three Deaths in a Shooting at a Copenhagen Retail Centre!

Sunday, a gunman opened fire in a Copenhagen shopping mall, killing at least three people, police said. Police inspector Sren Thomassen said that several other people were hurt, including three who are in critical condition.

Thomassen, the head of the Copenhagen police operations unit, said that the suspect is a 22-year-old Danish man who was caught near the Fields shopping mall.

Thomassen said that a man in his 40s and “two young people” were the three people who died.

Thomassen said earlier Sunday that it was too early to guess at a reason, but that terror couldn’t be ruled out right away. He said that police “do not know that other people are involved. We now know these things.”

Police said later on Sunday that when the suspect was caught, he had a gun and bullets with him. He is being charged with manslaughter, and a judge is likely to see him on Monday.

He said that the first report of the shooting to the police came in at 5:37 p.m. local time, and the suspect was caught 11 minutes later. Thomassen said that the suspect was “ethnic Dane,” which is a term that usually means that a person is white.

Danish TV station TV2 showed a blurry picture of the alleged gunman, a man in knee-length shorts, a vest or sleeveless shirt, and what looked like a rifle in his right hand. Mahdi Al-Wazni, who saw what happened, told TV2 that the man seemed very angry and violent. “As I was filming him, he talked to me and told me that the rifle wasn’t real. He seemed to be very happy with what he was doing.”

3 Killed in Shooting at Copenhagen Shopping Mall

Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark, said that her country had been hit by a “cruel attack.”

“It doesn’t make sense. Heartbreaking. Not worth it, “she told me. “In a split second, our beautiful and usually very safe capital changed.”

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People were seen running out of the mall in pictures from the scene, and Denmark’s TV2 posted a picture of a man being put on a stretcher. People were crying and hiding in shops, witnesses said.

Laurits Hermansen told the Danish TV station DR that he and his family were in a clothing store at the mall when they heard the news “three or four thumps. Bangs loudly. It sounded like someone was shooting right next to the store.”

The shopping center is on the edge of Copenhagen, right next to a subway station on a line that goes from the city center to the airport. The mall is also right next to a major highway.

A concert by Harry Styles, who used to be in the band One Direction, was supposed to take place Sunday night at the nearby Royal Arena. However, the show was canceled.

“I am just as sad as the people of Copenhagen. I like this town. The people are so loving and kind. I feel terrible for the people who died, their families, and everyone else who is hurting “Styles sent a tweet. “I wish we could have been together. Take care of each other. H.”

The royal palace said that a Tour de France-related reception with Crown Prince Frederik would not happen. This year, the first three stages of the race took place in Denmark. The reception was supposed to be held on the royal yacht, which is docked in Soenderborg, the town where the third stage ended.

In a joint statement, Queen Margrethe, her son Crown Prince Frederik, and his wife, Crown Princess Mary, said, “We don’t know the full extent of the tragedy yet, but it’s clear that more people have died and even more have been hurt.”

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