Pope Francis Gets Abdominal Surgery On Wednesday

On Wednesday, Pope Francis underwent a three-hour operation to treat a hernia, during which “there were no complications,” according to the Vatican. The process was successful, and he is now resting in intestinal surgery. It is Francis’ second hospitalization in less than two months, and his condition has raised fresh concerns.

Church officials said on Wednesday that the 86-year-old pope would undergo surgery under general anesthesia on Tuesday, which the Vatican initially described as a routine medical examination.

Since becoming pope a decade ago, Francis has battled some health problems, including a major operation in 2021 during which doctors removed about 13 inches of his large intestine due to inflammation that caused his colon to collapse. Was compressed. Due to knee and sciatic pain, he often uses a cane or a wheelchair.

On Wednesday morning, as usual, Pope Francis addressed the masses at St. Peter’s Square to set up. While being taken about the area in the so-called Popemobile, Francis seemed calm as he shook hands with worshipers and invited several children on board. The Vatican said that as a precaution, the papal audience had been canceled until June 18.

Doctors have treated the incisional hernia; They are the result of prior surgery and are relatively common. Hernias, which can cause discomfort or difficulties, are possibly treated by attaching the surgical mesh to the abdominal wall through an incision made in the abdominal wall.

This type of hernia is not uncommon after abdominal surgery, and other risk factors, such as advanced age and excess body fat, also contribute. If left untreated, the hernia can completely block the intestine and cause excruciating abdominal pain.

On Wednesday, Giampiero Campanelli, head of the Milan Hernia Center and editor of the medical journal Hernia, said, “They are operating on the pope in a pre-emergency situation.”
In his opinion, “a programmed operation is mostly without risk,” Mr. Campanelli remarked. “Ignoring the situation is what makes it dangerous.”
Surgery is “not dangerous,” and “today, general anesthesia is not a big problem for an 86-year-old,” according to Andrea Ungar, head of the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

“It’s not a high-risk operation, but if there are complications,” such as an intestinal blockage requiring cutting the intestine, “then the scenario could change,” he said.

Francis has been readmitted to the Gemelli Hospital for the second time since late March. He had to spend three days in the hospital when he had bronchitis.

Francis stated early on in his pontificate that he expected to serve for only a few years, and he has said on multiple occasions he would retire if his health prevented him from leading the Catholic Church.

After having surgery in 2021, Francis insisted on a Spanish radio show that he had never considered giving up despite his health problems. Recently, he has declared that the pontificate is something he intends to do until the end of his days.

This year, he shared with a group of Jesuits in the Democratic Republic of the Congo that he was convinced “that the pope’s ministry is ad vitam” (Latin for “for life”) in his remarks. For the time being, at least, retiring was not on his “agenda,” he said.

Carina, a 30-year-old Mexican woman, said she traveled to Rome to see her aunt, a nun. I recognize the gravity of the situation. The level of devotion shown to her and the church by its followers makes it difficult.

To paraphrase, “We hope he will be fine.”

Francis had part of a lung removed following a severe episode of pneumonia when he was young, and he had undergone colon surgery two years previously. Cataract surgery was performed on his eyes at the Clinic of Pius XI in Rome in 2019. He’s also endured the agony of persistent sciatica.

In the past year, he’s had knee issues that have forced him to rely on a cane or a wheelchair for mobility.

A constitutional crisis at the Vatican is possible if Pope Francis is incapacitated for an extended period of time. In the Catholic system, no “vice pope” can act instead of the pope.

Daily operations may be overseen by Italian Cardinal Pietro Parolin, serving as Vatican Secretary of State. Still, Parolin cannot appoint bishops or establish or abolish dioceses anywhere globally.

In an interview with the Spanish Daily Media Center, Francis announced immediately after his 2013 election that he had already written a resignation letter in the event of permanent medical infirmity.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the former Vatican Secretary of State, departed in 2013, and Francis stated he delivered the letter to him several years ago.

The pope added, “I have already signed my renunciation,” in his initial statements about the letter’s existence. Tarcisio Bertone served at the time as Secretary of State. I put my signature on it and added, “Here is my renunciation if I become incapacitated due to illness or any other cause.”

Almost seldom before has a pope resigned from office, but in 2013 the late Pope Benedict XVI shocked the Catholic world by citing “advanced age” as his reason for stepping down.

It was the first papal resignation in almost 600 years. Until Pope Gregory XII abdicated in 1415 to resolve a civil conflict inside the Church in which more than one man claimed to be pope, no pope had ever resigned before his death.

During his 10 years as Pope, Francis has positioned himself as a more progressive leader than his immediate predecessors.

Pope Francis Gets Abdominal Surgery
Pope Francis Gets Abdominal Surgery

In 2016, he called for priests everywhere to be more welcoming of LGBTQ people, although he later backtracked on a declaration of support for civil union for same-sex couples.

In 2019, he was the first pope to conduct Mass on the Arabian Peninsula, the site of Islam’s birth. He has also made historic trips to Myanmar and Iraq. Even the Pope has spoken out in favor of peace in Ukraine.

Francis has also addressed clergy sexual abuse, a problem that has plagued the Catholic Church in many nations.

Pope Francis’s Prayer I
We thank you for guiding our Most Holy Church and hope you bless our Church Fathers and all your faithful. Please support Francis as he shepherds, stewards, and renews the flock.

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