Possible Infant Remains Found Outside Massachusetts: Investigators are Looking Into it!

Investigators say the baby’s remains were found in the courtyard of an apartment building in Massachusetts. ‘Possible infant remains’ found outside Massachusetts building complex is being investigated by police.

According to state police, the “possible remains of an infant” were found outside an apartment building in a town north of Boston, and an investigation was launched. A man reportedly discovered the possible remains outside the building in Revere at around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to a statement released by state police.

On Tuesday, a guy who discovered the body in a trash bag immediately dialed 911, leading to the inquiry’s start. According to eyewitnesses, officers also photographed the interior of an unoccupied home.

Below we’ve included an official tweet from @antoinette antonio sharing the same information:

There is a “safe haven”  law in Massachusetts that protects newborns up to 7 days old if they are turned over to a hospital, police station, or staffed fire station. “I’m appalled; I don’t know how anyone could do that to a child. There are no words,” neighbor Maria Mercurio said.

Our searches will continue until we have the most recent information. If you like reading news coverage of Massachusetts you might enjoy these:

The state police from the Suffolk County district attorney’s office also arrived. According to the state police, the possible remains were returned to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for further forensic analysis.

There has been no further disclosure of details. The investigation is ongoing, so check back JournalWorldWide for the latest developments in this regard and related news.

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