Principal Uvalde is Reinstated at Robb Elementary School After Suspension!

Mandy Gutierrez, the principal of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, was reinstated Thursday to her position, her attorney, Ricardo Cedillo, confirmed to ABC News.

“Ms. Gutierrez’s administrative leave with pay has been lifted and she has been fully reinstated to her position, where she will continue to discharge her duties and continue to serve all the families of the UCISD,” a statement read.

In a letter that ABC News got from Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District superintendent Hal Harrell, Gutierrez was thanked for responding to the House Investigative report about the May 24 mass shooting that killed 19 children and 2 adults.

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“As a result of our review, you will be allowed to return to work,” Harrell said in the letter.

The special investigative committee of the Texas House had said bad things about Gutierrez and her leadership team, and she had to answer the next day.

 Uvalde Robb Elementary School

Harrell took Gutierrez off the team earlier in the week. Gutierrez was put on administrative leave for no clear reason, but the decision came two weeks after a report on the shooting from a Texas legislative committee. The report found that Gutierrez, who was in her first year at Robb Elementary School, knew there were security problems, like a door to one of the classrooms the gunman entered that didn’t lock properly, but she didn’t fix them.

Pete Arredondo is the chief of police for Uvalde Schools. In June, he was put on administrative leave without pay while the district decided whether or not to follow the recommendation to fire him.

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