Zelenskyy: Putin Plans to Revive the Soviet Union and After Ukraine, He Plans to Occupy Belarus

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy claims Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to restore the Soviet Union and is trying to destroy Ukrainian identity before conquering Belarus. Zelenskyy, speaking to the Korean media Chosun

“The restoration of the Soviet Union. This is his life goal. This cannot be achieved diplomatically, so he tried all kinds of blackmail, using energy as a weapon, etc. Mostly unsuccessfully. Then he decided to become an outright aggressor. He killed and tortured thousands of civilians, seized a nuclear power plant and threatened a nuclear catastrophe…

He has been avoiding even a telephone conversation with me for almost two years. There is only one reason. He has nothing to say. The truth is on our side, and he has nothing to say in the face of the truth.

Putin wants nothing else than to seize Ukraine by force, to destroy Ukrainian identity, and to destroy Ukrainianness through war. Putin’s next target is Belarus. [Russia] is metallurgically devouring Belarus. It is obvious that today’s Putin is a completely different person than the one we saw before. It would be difficult to talk to Putin before he withdraws all his troops from the territory of Ukraine.”

According to Zelenskyy, Ukraine is interested in learning from Korea’s post-war reconstruction experience and incorporating lessons learned into its own reconstruction efforts.

He believes there are opportunities for cooperation between Ukraine and South Korea in security and defense, high technology and cyberspace, and post-conflict reconstruction.

Ukraine is eager to collaborate on clean energy and green metals with like-minded countries.

Given Ukraine’s abundant natural resources and massive store of lithium and Korea’s advanced technological capabilities, the lithium battery industry is also promising.

According to the president, a third of Ukraine is mined, making demining equipment a crucial part of the country’s defense infrastructure.

South Korean demining technology, he said, would spare the lives of many farmers and children.

Zelenskyy also made some remarks on the assistance South Korea provides.

“I understand that there are limitations when it comes to weapons assistance. However, I doubt that this principle should be applied to defense systems (which South Korea does not yet support) and equipment to protect power systems.

Air defense systems are purely defensive equipment, not weapons. A ‘sky shield’ is simply necessary to restore Ukraine. I sincerely hope that South Korea will support us in this field. We also have an early warning system that warns of Russian airstrikes, and that’s where we need South Korea’s help.”

Russian tactical nuclear weapons have been sent to Belarus, and Zelenskyy has said as much. Russia’s threats are nothing new, and they have been repeated so often that Ukrainians have grown desensitized to Russia’s nuclear provocations.

“The supply of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus is a political trick to intimidate Ukraine and Europe. Using nuclear weapons as a threat is unacceptable while violating another country’s territorial sovereignty.

The world agrees, but Russia does not stop brandishing a nuclear threat. Political blackmail is almost the only tool they have left.”

Putin lied to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, he said, claiming one week that he was “opposed to deploying nuclear weapons outside his territory” and then announcing that he would do just that with Belarus the following week.

According to the Ukrainian president, Even countries that are somewhat close to Russia are being lied to: “Russia’s rhetoric about nuclear weapons is just politics—wrong politics, politics that have failed.

Zelenskyy also thinks China isn’t directly backing Ukraine in its peace efforts.

He claims China is “outside” and “straddling the fence” between the West and Russia.

“It is true that China does not directly support Ukraine’s position. Regarding China’s own peace initiative, we have clearly stated: ‘We appreciate any efforts of other countries to achieve peace, but our own peace formula, our own initiative is fundamental’. Because this war started in Ukraine and continues here. If, and only if, China makes a clear and decisive statement that ‘Russian troops must be withdrawn from all territories of Ukraine’, then I think it can help us.”

He claims the meeting occurred in one of Zelensky’s Kyiv offices. Where they strayed from the exact spot

President Zelensky’s security personnel met the journalist in the downtown area, took him into a black van with tinted windows, and subjected him to a battery of checks.

Zelensky first saw her when she was wearing a T-shirt that read “UA30”, an abbreviation for the Ukrainian Cyber Security Agency.

Putin Plans to Revive the Soviet Union and After Ukraine, He Plans to Occupy Belarus
Putin Plans to Revive the Soviet Union and After Ukraine, He Plans to Occupy Belarus

When asked about the debate over Ukraine’s support by the South Korean political establishment, the Ukrainian president was silent for a while before finally answering, “I think the common people in South Korea are more open to those in Ukraine.” are open.” Help those who are trying to protect. Themselves since it is morally right to do so. Ukraine has taken a tough stand against South Korea. We stand firmly with South Korea. We’re not obsessed with Korea but genuinely interested in seeing it succeed. The Korean people, whom we urge to take a unified stand, should follow suit.

In conclusion, he said, “Ukrainians understand Korea very well.” He claims that the Korean people have persevered through adversity to build a mighty and brave nation with a thriving high-tech industry.

He told the South Koreans that Ukraine is currently engaged in “a desperate struggle for life and liberty against unjustified aggression”, comparing his country’s situation to that of Korea in the past.

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