Rams 2022 Schedule: Game-by-game Score Predictions

Sean McVay has led the Los Angeles Rams to at least ten victories in each of the last four seasons. They’ve made it to the Super Bowl twice, winning it last season against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Where do you see the Rams in 2022? Is there a chance of a repeat of last year’s ten-win season?

Despite playing the NFL’s toughest schedule, there’s no reason to doubt this team after seeing how it came together late last season.

We went game by game and predicted the final score of each Rams matchup after the schedule was released. In the end, they finished the season with the same record as last year, putting them in a good position to return to the Super Bowl next year.

Week 1 vs. Bills

Score prediction: Win, 31-28

If the Rams can win this game at home, they’ll be able to get the season off to a good start. Stefon Diggs will be limited by Jalen Ramsey, and Matthew Stafford will take advantage of an inexperienced cornerback group that does not include Tre’Davious White.

Week 2 vs. Falcons

Score prediction: Win, 34-18

This is Los Angeles’ slam dunk of the season. On offense, the Falcons are devoid of playmakers, and their defense hasn’t finished in the top 20 in terms of points or yards allowed since last year. This will be an easy win for the Rams.

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Week 3 at Cardinals

Score prediction: Win, 28-21

The Rams won’t have to face DeAndre Hopkins in Week 3 because he’ll be serving a six-game suspension. That’s a huge plus for them because as we saw late last season, the Cardinal’s offense was vastly weaker without him lining up at wide receiver. I think they’ll win this game, and maybe even with ease.

Week 4 at 49ers

Score prediction: Loss, 23-21

After losing six straight regular-season games in a row to the 49ers over the last three years, it’s difficult to see the Rams sweeping the team. However, I don’t expect the 49ers to come out and punch the Rams in the mouth the way they have in the past. It’ll be a close game, but San Francisco pulls out the victory late at Levi’s Stadium.

Rams Game
Rams Game

Week 5 vs. Cowboys

Score prediction: Win, 27-24

The Cowboys benefit from playing in a weaker division, but they’ll face a real test against the Rams next season. When Aaron Donald can get to Dak Prescott against the Cowboys’ weaker interior offensive line, he can keep them on their toes and open the door for a thrilling finish in the fourth quarter.

Week 6 vs. Panthers

Score prediction: Win, 30-20

With Christian McCaffrey back, the Panthers should be a better season than they were last year, but the Rams should still be the clear favorite, given that they get to play at home while the Panthers must travel across the country. The Rams don’t have many favorable games on their schedule, so they must take advantage of this game.

Week 8 vs. 49ers

Score prediction: Win, 21-17

In this game, the Rams will need to attack the 49ers physically and set the tone in the trenches. If they do that, they will beat their competitors at home. If Trey Lance is the starting quarterback, the Rams will have to be aware of how mobile he is, just like they had to be with Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson.

Week 9 at Buccaneers

Score prediction: Win, 27-26

Can the Rams keep their streak of wins going against Tom Brady? Since joining the Buccaneers in 2020, he hasn’t beaten the Rams. He’s lost all three games against them, including the divisional round game in Tampa Bay last year. The Rams will beat Brady’s Bucs again on the road, but it will be a very exciting game.

Week 10 vs. Cardinals

Score prediction: Win, 26-24

This time, Hopkins will be back, and after serving his suspension, he’ll have had time to get back up to speed with the offense. But I think the Rams will still beat the Cardinals even with Hopkins on the field. This would be the fifth time in six years that the Rams have swept the Cardinals. Los Angeles is just a better team overall, and they’ve always had a good plan for Kyler Murray.

Week 11 at Saints

Score prediction: Loss, 20-17

If you don’t think the Saints will be competitive next season with Jameis Winston at quarterback, consider that they beat the Packers and Patriots and swept the Buccaneers for the second year in a row. The defense of New Orleans and the crowd at the Superdome could make it hard for the Rams to win.

Week 12 at Chiefs

Score prediction: Loss, 31-29

The Chiefs are a scary team even without Tyreek Hill. The Rams have to play them at Arrowhead Stadium, which makes things even worse. It won’t be as crazy as the 54-51 game in 2018, but this should still be a high-scoring game that the Rams lose.

Week 13 vs. Seahawks

Score prediction: Win, 27-20

The Seahawks are no longer one of the hardest teams in the NFC West to beat. They look like the worst team in the division this year. The Rams have been able to beat them for years, and if Drew Lock is their starting quarterback, they should win easily at home.

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