Ray Kroc Net Worth: How He Turned McDonald into a Global Phenomenon?

Ray Kroc was a wealthy American businessman. He is best known for his prominent role in expanding the American fast-food company McDonald’s Corporation’s business from a local chain to an international one. In January 1984, this entrepreneur died of heart failure.

As a businessman, Kroc is a household name. His name was included in the Time 100: The Most Influential People of the Century list. He was instrumental in bringing McDonald’s to the rest of the world. He owned the baseball team San Diego Padres in addition to working at McDonald’s.

Ray Kroc’s Net Worth

Ray Kroc died of heart failure on January 14, 1984, at 81. He is a widower. When Joan Kroc died in 2003, she was worth $3 billion. She donated nearly her entire fortune to charity. If the Kroc fortune had not been donated to charity, it would be worth $18 billion at McDonald’s current stock price.

Ray Kroc Cause Of Death

On 14 January 1984, Ray Kroc died due to heart failure. In addition, he died in a hospital in San Diego, California, at 81.

Before suffering heart failure, Ray Kroc was at an alcohol rehabilitation center to quit his bad habit. After his death, his body was buried in Sorrento Valley, San Diego’s El Camino Memorial Park.

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Ray Kroc Early Life

Raymond Albert Kroc was born in Oak Park, Illinois on October 5, 1902. Ray was raised in the Chicago suburbs by Czech-American parents and witnessed his family struggle financially during his adolescence. His father, Alois “Louis” Kroc, made a fortune speculating on land in the 1920s but lost everything in the 1929 stock market crash.

Ray Kroc Net Worth

Ray Kroc lied about his age during World War I and ended up working as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross at 15. During this time, he crossed paths with Walt Disney. However, he didn’t see much action because the war ended shortly after he enlisted.

Kroc struggled to make ends meet after returning to the United States, especially after the Great Depression hit. During this time, he sold paper cups, worked as a real estate agent, and sang in several bands.

Ray Kroc Career 

Before entering McDonald’s, Ray worked numerous jobs as a real estate agent, a paper cups seller, and playing the piano in bands. In 1954, Ray joined the American fast-food company McDonald’s Corporation.

Kroc’s leadership made the company a household name among fast-food enthusiasts worldwide. Talking about this company had 7500 locations in the United States and 31 in other countries under the leadership of Ray Kroc. The global sales of these fast-food restaurants were $8 billion in 1983.

In addition, Kroc was the owner of the San Diego Padres baseball team. He paid $12 million for this team. Ray Kroc was inducted into the San Diego Padres Hall of Fame in 1999.

Ray, on the other hand, was introduced in films. In 2016, famous American producer John Lee Hancock produced the film ‘The Founder,’ which starred Ray Kroc. Michael Keaton, a well-known American actor, played him in this role. In addition, a docudrama titled The Food That Built America starring Kroc was released.

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