Reality Quest Chapter 113 Release Date: Where Can I Get the Text to Read?

The plot takes an interesting turn in Reality Quest Chapter 113 when Do-wan, the protagonist, finds himself in a difficult predicament. Do-wan gives up sleep and spends seven days playing video games because he feels compelled to grind and get in-game things.

His intention is to keep himself from seeming foolish in front of the most attractive woman in his school. But the constant game has a price, and Do-wan eventually gives in to weariness. Just one week before he breaks, he returns to his classroom due to an unexpected turn of events.

Do-wan finds that although his physical surroundings haven’t altered, he now has real-world skills from his video game playing. Feeling more powerful, he makes the decision to face his abusers and change his life. Read the full post below.

Reality Quest Chapter 113 Release Date

Reality Quest Chapter 113 Release Date
Reality Quest Chapter 113 Release Date

November 24, 2023, is the official release date for Reality Quest Chapter 113. As the release date draws near, fans are eagerly counting down the days. To accommodate a global audience anxious to start reading the next chapter of the manga, different time zones around the world will experience the release at different hours on the designated date.

Reality Quest Chapter 113 Raw Scan

Ahead of the official release, fans excitedly await the release of Reality Quest Chapter 113’s raw scans in hopes of learning more about the plot. Raw scans provide an uncut, early version of the chapter and are usually accessible 3–4 days prior to the official publication.

Readers can anticipate seeing Do-wan’s struggle and the results of his gaming marathon in this forthcoming installment. With an early peek at the events taking place thanks to the raw scan, fans can conjecture, debate, and get excited for the official release.

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Reality Quest Chapter 112 Recap

Ha Do-wan, the main character in Reality Quest Chapter 112, must embark on a difficult mission to find Anne Bonny and her ship. Unexpected challenges come up when he sets out on this dangerous voyage, such as a strong storm and the arrival of a frightening sea monster.

Ha Do-wan perseveres in the face of numerous obstacles, demonstrating his fortitude and fortitude in the face of difficulty. He makes use of unique playing cards that Blackbeard gave him along the journey, which have strong symbols like a parrot and a cannon. See the Tweet below:

These cards turn into crucial resources for Ha Do-wan in his adventure, giving the plot a dynamic and strategic touch. As the chapter comes to a close, Ha Do-wan is facing rival pirates who are also fighting for the same wealth. This sets the stage for fierce rivalry and more character growth in the next chapters.

Apart from the thrilling mission, Chapter 112 offers an insight into Anne Bonny’s past. As readers discover more about the mysterious and powerful character’s goals and involvement in the reality search, her complexity grows.

Fans are curious about Anne Bonny’s relationship to the game and whether or not she may have influenced the difficulties Ha Do-wan had after reading this chapter. Overall, Chapter 112 sets the stage for upcoming events in the Reality Quest manga series while simultaneously advancing the main plot with exciting adventures and enhancing the story by exploring the depths of important characters.

Where to Read Reality Quest Chapter 113?

The recommended platform for readers who are eager to explore the fascinating universe of Reality Quest Chapter 113 is WebToon. With a wide selection of manga from several genres, this website is a great starting point for manga fans.

Readers may quickly search for Reality Quest and receive free chapters by going to WebToon. The platform offers an intuitive user experience, guaranteeing that enthusiasts may track Do-wan’s trip and uncover the thrilling new adventures that await them in the most recent installment.

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