Rise of Guardians 2: Really Cancelled or Renewed? Latest Updates!

Rise of the Guardians is a 3D computer-animated action movie made by Peter Ramsey and DreamWorks Animation. It’s not as well-known as it should be.

The film was based on a book series called The Guardians of Childhood and a short film called The Man in the Moon, both of which were short films. On November 21, 2012, Rise of the Guardians came out in the United States.

There were a lot of awards that the movie was nominated for. It was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film and the Annie Award for best-animated features. If you want to learn more about the Spider-Verse and 2012’s Oscar nominee The Eagle Huntress, you can read this.

Protect Dream Island from Pitch, who hates kids and wants to take the island away. The film is set to a beautiful score by Randy Newman, who wrote it for the movie. She is a young woman named Koyi. When Koyi grows up, he wants to become one of the Guardians. His father doesn’t want him to because he thinks he doesn’t have enough skills to fight monsters. As a group, they work to fight Pitch Black, who wants to take over the world by putting down a Gauntlet.

The  Rise of the Guardians 2 Renewal Status

There was a movie called “The Rise of the Guardians” that came out in November 2012. It made more money than the $145 million it cost to make. Unfortunately, it loses about $83 million in distribution costs and marketing costs because of this.

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So, the movie didn’t make money, and it’s not likely that there will be a sequel. Peter Ramsey said that he would love to write the sequel to Rising of the Guardians when he was asked if he would like to do it.

We can’t say for sure if the show will be renewed, but we can say that the producers have no plans to repeat it. If the series goes on, we’ll change the paragraph for you. For now, keep in touch with us.

Rise of the Guardians 2- What will you enjoy?

If the show is renewed for a second season, here is a possible plot.

People haven’t seen or heard Jack Frost emerge from the frozen pond, so he gets depressed and goes away. When Jack (the young winter spirit) comes back three hundred years later, he gives kids snow days. He was angry that they didn’t believe in him.

They were having nightmares because of a bad spirit called Pitch Black, also known as the Boogeyman by the kids on Earth. A new guardian was then brought in by Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Sandman.

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As soon as they tried to add Jack Frost, the boy said that he wasn’t good enough to be a guardian. When Jack goes to Tooth’s World, he learns that each baby tooth has a memory of the children who lost it, including Jack’s teeth.

A group of people called Pitch Black attacked Tooth’s World. They took all the teeth and kidnapped the tooth fairies, except for one. In addition, children lose faith in guardians and tooth fairies when they don’t believe in them. The Guardians then came up with a plan to get the children’s trust and get their teeth. Next, they worked together to defeat Pitch Black and send him far away.

Star Cast Members

After the show was canceled, the cast members were not talked about. The show is still airing, though. However, there is a chance that all of the show’s main characters might show up again in season 2.

A list of things you might want to know if you know who the show’s main actors are. Check it out.

  • Jack Frost is played by Chris Pine.
  • Jude Law as the Nightmare King in the film The Darkest Minds (May 9, 2018)
  • Nicholas St. North (Guardian of wonder) is portrayed by Alec Baldwin in this sequel to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
  • E. Aster Bunnymund (Bunny) is played by Hugh Jackman.
  • Isla Fisher as Tuthiana (Tooth Fairy)
  • The Sandman (Oldest Guardian) is a female character with blonde hair, light skin, and red eyes.
  • Jamie Bennett is a kid who never gave up on his Guardians. (Dakota Goyo as Jamie Bennett, a child who never stops believing in Guardians)
  • George MacKay as Jamie Bennett’s older sister, Sophie Bennett (also known as “Troublesome Lin”)
  • Jacob Bertrand as Monty
  • Dominique Grund as Cupcake
  • Mary, Jack’s sister, is played by Olivia Mattingly.

The Ultraman movie series has made a lot of movies, including this one. The second season of Ultraman is now a big hit. So that you don’t have to look for them, we’ve put all the information together in one place. Do think about it.



Rise of the Guardians was a big hit with the general public. It got a 7.3/10 rating on IMDb, 4/5 stars from Common Sense Media, and a 75% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes. From this, you can figure out that the show was very popular and had a lot of people hooked on its story.

Where can I view Rise of the Guardians?

There are a lot of places where you can watch Rise of the Guardian. Netflix can be streamed from any computer or smart device in the world and you can watch it there. You can also rent it. We also have it on Google Play, YouTube, and Apple iTunes. You can get it there, too!

As long as that is the case, we also have another option for you to choose from. A free app called MX Player lets you watch TV on your computer or iOS device without having to pay for it at all. You can watch a lot of ads on MX Player for free if you stream it illegally. So, if you haven’t binge-watched it yet, do so.

Concluding Note:

The chances of it making a comeback aren’t very good, and there isn’t a lot of hope for it. There is a lot of interest in the show, so the producers might think about changing it. We can’t say that the season is over, so we shouldn’t say it has.

So there won’t be any questions. Then again, if you have any comments, please write them down in the “remarks” box. Soon, we will get back to you.

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