The Scottish Actor and Comedian: Robbie Coltrane Net Worth

Here we are talking about Scottish actor and comedian Anthony Robert McMillan OBE, better known by his stage name Robbie Coltrane.

Robbie Coltrane Net Worth

Robbie Coltrane Net Worth

Upon his passing in October of 2022, Scottish actor, playwright, and comedian Robbie Coltrane left behind a fortune estimated at $4 million. Robbie Coltrane was born in Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1950. He attended Glenalmond College, where he played rugby, before going on to earn degrees from the Glasgow School of Art and the Moray House College of Education. In his early twenties, Coltrane made his acting debut in “Alfresco, Laugh??? (from “The Comic Strip Presents”), Kicking It Old School (also known as the ’80s)..

Almost out of money for my licence fee “. Appearances in “Flash Gordon,” “Krull,” “Defence of the Realm,” “Absolute Beginners,” “Mona Lisa,” and “The Fruit Machine” marked his foray into the film industry in the early 1980s. After playing Johnson in “Blackadder” in 1987, he reprised the role in “Boswell and Johnson’s Tour of the Western Islands” in 1993. In the ’90s, Coltrane’s role as Dr. Edward Fitzgerald in the TV series “Cracker” earned him three BAFTA Awards. Before getting the role of Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” series, he appeared in “GoldenEye,” “The World Is Not Enough,” and “From Hell.” Author J.K. Rowling apparently chose Coltrane specifically for the role. On ITV’s list of the 50 best TV actors and actresses, he placed ninth. The couple tied the knot in 1999. They raised two children as a couple. In 2022, on October 14th, at the age of 72, musician Robbie Coltrane passed away.

Early Life of Robbie Coltrane

Coltrane’s parents, Jean Ross Howie (a schoolteacher and pianist) and Ian Baxter McMillan (a general practitioner and forensic police surgeon), had him, Anthony Robert McMillan, on March 30, 1950, in Rutherglen, Scotland. His older sister was named Annie, and his younger sibling was named Jane. Coltrane Howie was the great-grandson of Forbes Howie, a successful businessman in his own right, and the nephew of Thomas W. Howie, who was also successful in business.

He first attended Belmont House School, also in Newton Mearns, before transferring to the independent Glenalmond College in Perthshire. In retrospect, he calls his time there “very unpleasant,” but he was a member of the school’s First XV rugby team, debate club president, and art award winner. Coltrane continued his education after graduating from Glenalmond at Edinburgh, Scotland’s Moray House College of Education (now a part of the University of Edinburgh), where he was mocked for “having an accent like Prince Charles” (which he quickly discarded, but not before gaining the nickname “Lord Fauntleroy”).

Coltrane eventually fought for the elimination of private schools and was known as “Red Robbie” for his involvement with organisations like as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, the Labour Party, and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament as a means of rejecting his conservative upbringing.

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Robbie Coltrane’s Career Life

Coltrane began his acting career in his early twenties, adopting the moniker Coltrane for his theatre work. At Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre, he debuted in the world premiere of John Byrne’s The Slab Boys (1978). In addition to starring in the comedy sketch show Alfresco, he also had roles in the TV series The Comic Strip Presents (1982-2012), for which he directed and co-wrote the episode “Jealousy” in 1993. (1983–1984). In 1984, he had roles in A Kick Up the Eighties (Series 2) and Laugh Nearly Paid My Licence Fee, for which he was also given writing credit.

After appearing as “Annabelle” in The Fruit Machine (1985), Coltrane went on to star in films like Flash Gordon (1980), Death Watch (1980), Balham, Gateway to the South (1981), Scrubbers (1983), Krull (1983), The Supergrass (1985), Defence of the Realm (1985), Absolute Beginners (1986), and Mona Lisa (1986). (1988). The Young Ones (1987), Tutti Frutti (1987), Blackadder the Third (1987) (as Samuel Johnson, a role he later reprised in the more serious Boswell and Johnson’s Tour of the Western Islands (1993)), LWT’s The Robbie Coltrane Special (1989) (which he also co-wrote), and other stand-up and sketch comedy shows were among his television appearances.

It was in Kenneth Branagh‘s Henry V that he performed the role of Falstaff (1989). He appeared in Nuns on the Run (1990) alongside Eric Idle and portrayed Pope Benedict XVI in The Pope Must Die (1991). In the TV movie, The Bogie Man, he played an aspiring private eye who was fixated on Humphrey Bogart (1992). His acting career continued in the 1990s with his starring role as forensic psychologist Dr. Edward “Fitz” Fitzgerald in the TV series Cracker (1993–1996; revived for a one-off special in 2006). Three British Film Academy Awards were given to him for this performance.

Soon after, he was cast in more prominent roles, including those of half-giant Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films and James Bond’s GoldenEye (1995) and The World Is Not Enough (1999). (2001–2011). Asked who she would want to see play Hagrid, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling said, “Robbie Coltrane for Hagrid” in one terse sentence. Coltrane also hosted several documentaries for the British ITV network about travel and transportation, two of his favourite topics. He drove a 1951 Cadillac Series 62 coupe convertible across the United States and Canada in the 1993 documentary Coltrane in a Cadillac, covering the 3,765 miles (6,059 kilometres) in 32 days.

Coltrane praised several forms of propulsion in a 1997 series of six programmes titled Coltrane’s Planes and Automobiles. He discussed the merits of the steam engine, diesel engine, supercharger, V8 engine, two-stroke engine, and jet engine. He took apart and rebuilt a number of engines in these shows. As a further feat, he dismantled the engine of a Trabant automobile by himself in just 23 minutes. In a poll of 2000 people across the United Kingdom to determine the “most renowned Scot,” Coltrane came in at number six, after the Loch Ness Monster, Robert Burns, Sean Connery, Robert the Bruce, and William Wallace. ITV’s B-Road Britain featured Coltrane’s travels from London to Glasgow in August 2007.

Personal Life Till Death

On December 11, 1999, Coltrane tied the knot with Rhona Gemmell. Spencer (born in 1992) and Alice (born in 1993) were the couple’s offspring (b. 1998). In 2003, Coltrane and Gemmell began to separate and ultimately divorced. Later in life, Coltrane developed osteoarthritis. In 2016, he reported feeling “continuous discomfort all day,” and in 2019, he started using a wheelchair. Coltrane said during the 2014 Yes campaign for the Scottish independence referendum, “I’d eventually like to see independence – but only an independent Labour Scotland.” On October 14, 2022, Coltrane passed away in Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. His health problems began two years ago when he was 72 years old.

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