Rust Valley Restores Season 4: Release Date Status Visible Soon!

People all around the world are crazy about collecting old automobiles, and the excitement is amplified when a historic car is restored and fitted with a modern engine. Vintage cars have a devoted following. A show based upon this is Rust Valley Restores, as the name suggests they turn cars from Rust to Remarkable nestled within the foothills of Rocky Mountains is one of the world’s most unusual and some bit eccentric car communities widely known as Rust Valley.

The only thing you’ll see from afar is a junkyard full of old and abandoned cars, but in the middle of it all is a restoration shop managed by a group of friendly individuals with a wealth of automotive knowledge, expertise, and love, and we’re talking about season 4 of this show.

Rust Valley Restores Season 4 Release Date

Season 1 of the show premiered on History TV on December 6, 2018, with eight episodes; following the positive reception, a second season was quickly ordered and premiered on November 21, 2019, also on History TV, and was made available to Netflix subscribers around the world on May 8, 2020. As a result, Season 2 was split into two parts, the second of which premiered on History TV on January 2, 2020, and on Netflix on August 21, 2020. Season 3, commonly known as the Motor Trend OnDemand season, premiered on February 18, 2021, with a total of 12 episodes.

Rust Valley Restores Season 4
Rust Valley Restores Season 4

To produce season 4, History TV gave the go-ahead, so it will arrive and be streamable on Netflix, but no specific date has been specified.

So, this reality show has also spread its lights on the Award section by having 3 Leo Awards in the script, picture editing, and cinematography and a nomination for the Canadian Screen Award for best director.

Rust Valley Restores Season 4 Cast

The Rust Bros Restoration owner, Micheal ‘Mike’ Hall, who worked as a rock blaster for 20 years before owning a slope stabilization company called Chimera Springs Rock Works Ltd., is among the show’s cast. He started collecting cars as a passion in his teens and decades later he acquired over 400 automobiles but wasn’t able to send the cars and the property so he later opted to build a restoration company on that land and was then approached for the event.

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Wildman Restorations is currently owned by Avery Shoaf, a friend of Mike’s who used to own a heavy equipment firm and is now passionate about vehicles. Connor Charman- Hall, Mike’s son previously used to work with Avery now also manages Mike slope Company. Sarah Ward who joined the Rust Bros in 2018 works on findings the correct parts of the car which is being restored. Rust Bros. employee Cassidy McKeown. Avery Shoaf’s son Shalin works at Wildman Restorations as a technician.

Season 4 is expected to bring back the original cast as well as some new faces.

Rust Valley Restores Season 4 Plot

Describing the plot of the show, the 7.8 rated show having about 2.8k votes on IMDb, is all about the cars and the magic that happens when you leave some cars, lovers with crazy stuff, the series shows how the Rust Bros makes some amazing restoration while going through some problems and how they can make sell the restored cars and make a profit on them. But you will see an awesome vintage automobiles lineup in every episode and your eyes will be drawn to the screen for that, the lineup includes 1966 Lincoln Continental, 1966 Mustang, and International Harvester just to name a few.

The main gang will be returning with all its drama in season 4, and we can be sure that we will see some great automobiles that we will all want.

Rust Valley Restores Season 4 Trailer

Although the Rust Valley Restores Season 4 Trailer hasn’t been released yet, no one can say when it will. Till then enjoy the previous seasons which are streaming on Netflix, and just to remind you what is going on in the Rust Valley check the trailer of season 3 linked below and remain tuned to the page for any additional information.

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