When Will Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Release Date Be On The Floors?

As an anime adaptation, the Sabiku Bisco light book series is currently in its second season. On July 16, 2023, the new episodes were formally announced via the anime’s official Twitter account. Yusuke Takahashi’s artwork was used in the manga adaptation of the light novel.

From April 2019 to March 2021, it was serialized online in Square Enix’s renowned manga magazine, Manga UP! Since then, it has received a lot of attention and has been collected into four tankobon volumes.

Shinji Cobkubo wrote and illustrated the Japanese science fiction light novel series SABIKUI BISCO. Mocha’s amazing world-building work is shown.

Since its launch in March 2018, the series has gained critical acclaim, with eight volumes published by ASCII Me­dia Works under the prestigious Dengeki Bunko label. Notably, Yen Press owns the North American rights to this intriguing light novel.

Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 ran from January 11, 2022, to March 29, 2022, with 12 episodes with a runtime of 20 to 35 minutes. The light novel and the manga have received powerful reviews from all over the world. It has now sold more than 3 million copies. The anime is also liked by the viewers. If the viewers are looking for season 2, then here is the update.

Till now, the makers, cast, and network have not announced anything about its renewal. They are still waiting to garner more ratings. Plus, it also depends on the source material, which is plenty.

The makers have just used four out of eight volumes for the anime production, and the ratings are also favorable till now. All this leads to a better chance for its renewal. If it gets renewed, the chances are it can land by 2024.

Sabikui Bisco Season 1 Release Date January 11, 2022
Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Story

The story of season 1 revolves around the post-apocalyptic period in Japan when an epidemic called Rusty Wind gained access all over the area. Bisco Akaboshi, a mushroom keeper, went out on a journey to find Purify Rust, a mushroom that would cure the epidemic.

Bisco, on his journey, meets with Milo, a young doctor who is also on his journey to find the cure for the deadly disease. They both team up, and there are many obstacles in their way, but they manage to meet with the immortal Kelshinha.

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Season 2 will proceed where Season 1 left off. The government officials are set to arrest the duo and mark them as wanted criminals. As the two partners helped many people cure the disease, the police were after them to arrest them, as they were curing people for free. Will they be behind bars or be able to find the cure for the disease?

Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Characters

Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Release Date
Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 had the main lead of Bisco Akaboshi, voiced by Ryota Suzuki and Kyle Igneczi. He is the mushroom keeper and is labeled as a terrorist who has a bow and an arrow, which after getting out of command grows a variety of mushrooms.

Along with him, Milo Nekoyanagi was seen in the voice of Natsuki Hanae and Brandon McInnis who is a young doctor having excellent medical skills. He teams up with Bisco and modifies his arrows with chemical agents and explosives.

Pawoo Nekoyanagi was voiced by Reina Kando and Anastasia Munoz is Milo’s older sister who is a member of Imihama Watch.

Jabi is voiced by Shiro Saito and David Novinski who is an old mushroom keeper who is suffering from Rust disease. Kurokawa is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda and Josh Putnam and is the chief of Vigilantism, who rules over the region.

Tirol Ochagama, who is voiced by Miyu Tomita and Brittney Karbowski works as a mechanic but also has a side business as a traveling merchant.

She fled after the rust disease. Season 2, if gets renewed, will encounter the same cast plus the new one too. Till now, there has been no news or updates on the cast of season 2, but it will be available soon.

Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Trailer

The viewers can watch the official trailer of season 1 until there comes the trailer of season 2. The action scenes and the production are attractive and impressive which is highly liked by the viewers.

Where To Watch Sabikui Bisco Season 2 Online?

Season 1 was released on the original networks of Tokyo MX, BS11, and YTV. Season 2 will also be released on the same network if it gets renewed. Well, till then, the viewers can watch season 1.

Final thoughts: Fans will find this anime series, which combines action, adventure, and post-apocalyptic aspects, to be a unique and thrilling experience. It has received a lot of attention for its fascinating characters, fast-paced storyline, and visually appealing style. Sabikui Bisco is highly recommended for anyone looking for a new anime to enjoy.

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