WWE Wrestler: Sara Lee Death At The Age Of 30

Sara Lee Death

Sara Lee, the winner of the sixth season of “WWE Tough Enough,” passed away on October 6th, the organization confirmed. She was in her thirties. In a statement, WWE expressed its “deep sorrow” at Sara Lee’s demise.

Growing up in Hope Township, Michigan, Lee became a powerlifting champion before auditioning for the sixth season of WWE’s “Tough Enough.” Lee was voted “Tough Enough” by the fans and has since become an icon in the sports and entertainment industries. The whole WWE family is deeply saddened by her passing and wants to express their deepest sympathies to her loved ones. There is still no word on what killed her.

A sinus illness was noted in Lee’s final Instagram post. “To mark the achievement of being well enough to hit the gym for two days in a row, we are holding a party. My bum was kicked by my first sinus illness “Earlier this week, she penned a letter. After being awarded a $250,000 contract on the 2015 season of “WWE Tough Enough,” Lee was let go the following year.

Wesley Blake, whose real name is Cory Weston but went by the ring as “WWE,” was her husband. Three kids were born to the happy couple. Lee’s mother also shared the sad news on Facebook. Sara Weston “has gone to live with Jesus,” she wrote, and the news was met with “sad hearts.” Arrangements have not been finalised because we are all in shock. Please give our family some space while we grieve. Pray for us all, but especially for Cory and her kids.

Courtney White, Lee’s sister-in-law, was also very saddened by her passing. She wrote, in part, “I normally know what to say, but I don’t.” As their mother should be here for every milestone in their lives, I feel such a deep sadness for these three little ones. I’ve spent the last day and a half trying to wrap my head around how this is possible. It’s because of her kids that I know our family can get through this.

Many people in the wrestling community shared their respect for Lee on various social media platforms. Brandi Rhodes tweeted, “I never met Sara Lee, but she always seemed to have beautiful energy.” “To her loved ones, my deepest sympathies. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why anything happened.” Bianca Belair tweeted, “R.I.P. Sara.”

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