Savannah Dexter Biography: Her Childhood Trauma & Career

American rapper, hip-hop musician, and songwriter Savannah Dexter gained notoriety for her original, heartfelt sound. Dexter pours her heart and soul into her music, and the listener feels they are also a part of the story.

When Savannah was 13, she picked up an instrument because it was the only thing that would keep her company. Savannah began her music career by posting her songs on YouTube, and she has now signed with the Mako Music Group. Did you realize that country music is Savannah’s lifeblood? However, what occurred to her as a child likely influenced her musical preferences as an adult.

Savannah Dexter Biography

Savannah Dexter Biography
Savannah Dexter Biography

Savannah Dexter Early Life

Savannah Dexter was born in Florida on July 10, 1996. She is of American ancestry and was born under the sign of Cancer. In 2022, Savannah Dexter will have reached the age of 26. Dexter was returned to his parents when they were only 19 and 17. Ironically, after giving birth to Savannah, both parents chose distinct careers.

And both of Savannah’s parents decide to care more about themselves than about their daughter. She began playing the guitar at age 13 after being inspired by her upbringing, which included watching American Idol and listening to country music in her dad’s truck. At 18, Savannah picked up the guitar and started writing songs.

Childhood Trauma Of Savannah Dexter

Savannah Dexter’s mother didn’t have a significant role in her upbringing because her parents split when she was a newborn, and her father fought in court to acquire custody of her. Her mother came and went from her daughter’s life. Savannah’s kindergarten teacher became her stepmother after her father married another woman.

After a year of superb care, her treatment of Savannah began to decline. When she started mentally abusing her, she became a completely different person. Her dad and stepmom were thrilled to have twins. Savannah’s father knew her stepmother was denying her a daily bath to reduce the household’s water bill, but he said nothing.

As a result, Savannah began to withdraw from her father, and her maternal grandparents recognized the signs of trouble and took her in. After her parents divorced, Dexter lived with her grandparents and remained there until she graduated high school. She first became interested in country music because of her dad when she was a kid.

Savannah Dexter Career

Singing her songs on YouTube was where Savannah Dexter’s career began, but it wasn’t until 2020 that her music indeed took off. Her debut autobiographical song, “Raise Hell,” became her biggest hit. Over 9 million people have watched the music video on YouTube, while over 4 million have listened to the song on the Spotify mobile app.

Fans’ enthusiastic reception encouraged Dexter to continue writing music; her subsequent smash hit, “Sindrella,” was based on true events from her life.

She began working with other artists as her fame grew, including Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, Dusty Leigh, FJ Outlaw, Hard Target, Brabo Gator, J Rosevelt, and Jelly Role. “Sinner Like Me” and “Big Trucks” by Savannah Dexter were two of her most well-known tracks. Brabo Gator’s Mako music group has signed her to a contract.

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