Schmitt Wins the GOP Senate Primary in Missouri!

Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt won the Republican Senate primary on Tuesday. He beat out other candidates in the state’s crowded race to replace GOP Sen. Roy Blunt, who is leaving office.

Schmitt won a high-stakes race against Rep. Vicky Harzler and former Gov. Eric Greitens, who resigned from office in 2018 because of a scandal. Greitens was ahead in the polls for the crowded primaries for a month, but his standing went down after an ad campaign in which his ex-wife made new claims of domestic and child abuse against him.

Schmitt beat Rep. Vicky Harzler and former Gov. Eric Greitens, who resigned in 2018 because of a scandal, in a high-stakes race. Greitens was ahead in the polls for the crowded primaries for a month, but after his ex-wife made new accusations of domestic and child abuse against him in an ad campaign, he fell in the polls.

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Amid Greitens’ slide, Schmitt rose to first in recent polling. His victory is a relief for party leaders, as a potential Greitens nomination had sparked concerns about holding a seat that has been in Republican control since 1987.

GOP Senate Primary

Schmitt was thought to have a good chance of getting Donald Trump’s endorsement, but on Monday, the former president made the unusual decision to say he was backing “ERIC,” without giving the last name. Both Schmitt and Greitens, who had the support of Donald Trump Jr. and his fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle, jumped at the chance to say that Trump’s support was for them.

21 people wanted to be the Republican nominee. Hartzler and Schmitt focused on each other in the last few days of the race. Hartzler used her background as a farmer in the country to attack her leading opponent, who was a lawyer from St. Louis. In his last speeches, Schmitt tried to make Hartzler look like he was from Washington.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was a big problem for the top three candidates in the last round of the race. Hartzler, Schmitt, and Greitens all said they wouldn’t support McConnell as Senate leader if Republicans win back Congress. This was a nod to Trump’s attacks and calls for new leadership.

Democrats also had a crowded field this year of 11 candidates, but now that Schmitt locked up the nomination, the race isn’t expected to be all that competitive in the deeply red state come November. Schmitt will face off with one of two Democrats: Lucas Kunce, a veteran, or Trudy Busch Valentine, a former nurse and member of the Busch brewing family. Independent John Wood, who is backed by a super PAC financed by former GOP Sen. John Danforth, also turned in petition signatures to make the fall ballot.

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