Scissor Seven Season 4 Is Latest Updates You Need to Know So Far!

Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated streaming television series. Scissor Seven was the Netflix name given to the film when it first became available. There was a tease for a movie sequel to be revealed at the end of the final episode of the third season.

With its lighthearted take on the typically grim assassin tale, the Chinese anime “Scissor Seven” (also known as Killer 7) is making waves around the world.

Seven, a hairstylist with amnesia who aspires to be an assassin, is the protagonist of the anime. Many funny situations result from his lack of knowledge regarding this somewhat sophisticated professional choice.

There have already been three seasons of the anime broadcast, and a film adaptation is currently in production. The issue now is if the anime will return for another season in the future. Here’s what we know thus far.

Will there be a Scissor Seven Season 4?

The fourth season of ‘Scissor Seven’ has yet to be officially renewed. The third season of the anime ended on a cliffhanger. Director He Xiaofeng hinted at the possibility of more seasons in a recent WeChat post. As part of a “20-year IP operation,” the director said the show would be canceled after 10 seasons.

For the time being, Scissor Seven will only be available on Netflix in the United States and China. The anime is popular both in China and throughout the world. As a result, a fourth season looks to be a distinct possibility.

When Does Scissor Seven Season 4 Come Out on Netflix?

No Netflix release date has been set, even though the anime is set to get a fourth season order. The anime may only be seen on the streaming service after it has aired in China. There will be at least an eighteen-month gap between seasons before it is released on Netflix. According to these timetables, Scissor Seven’s fourth season will most likely be published in China in mid-late 2022 and will be accessible for foreign viewing on Netflix by 2023.

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However, it is worth noting that the third season finished with the announcement that a Scissor Seven feature film is in the works and would be released in 2022. As a result of the film, the production and release date of Scissor Seven Season 4 may be delayed. As a result, it may be available on Netflix by 2024.

What Is the Story?

In contrast to Japanese animation, ‘Scissor Seven’ does not originate from a manga series. As a result, anticipating what will happen next is increasingly challenging, particularly when a film is in production. Rumor has it that the upcoming film will be a prequel. In that case, season 4’s narrative would most likely pick up where season 3 left off.

In any case, Season 4’s plot will be impacted if the movie isn’t a prequel, as some have speculated. Season three of ‘Scissor Seven’ ended on a cliffhanger. Seven (Ronny Chieng), a hairdresser with amnesia who aspires to be an assassin, is the protagonist of the anime. His lack of knowledge of the fairly advanced profession choice regularly leads to hilarious situations. Seven begins to forget his Chicken Farm pals as a result of the black ice toxin.

Season four will most likely focus on the fallout from Seven’s poisoning. Unless he miraculously recovers, the wanted assassin may lose all recollection of his Chicken Farm friends. Even if Seven manages to leave with his memory intact. Manjusaka and Shimen are hell-bent on capturing him, putting him and Thirteen at grave risk. As a result, another attack is likely shortly. In any event, as everyone’s favorite inept hairdresser-turned-assassin strives to make a name for himself, there will certainly be more of Scissor Seven’s particular humor.

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Who Could Join the Scissor Seven Season 4 Cast?

Seven is played by Ronny Chieng.

Ronny Chieng, a comedian-actor, plays assassin Seven in the English version of the anime. Chieng’s prior credits include Godzilla vs. Kong and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Performers of vocals

Jas Patrick from Genshin Impact plays Dai Bo, the blue chicken’s best friend, while Jill Bartlett from American Dad plays Xiao Fei, the flying chicken.

Other cast members that might make a comeback include:

Jennie Kwan (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf) plays Thirteen, Karen Huie (Ghost of Tsushima) plays Chairman Jiang, and Lawrence Saint-Victor plays Mad Bark (The Bold and the Beautiful) (The Bold and the Beautiful).

Is There an Official Scissor Seven Season 4 Trailer?

Not only is the anime a fan favorite, with an IMDB rating of 8.3/10 and a season average of 8.12/10 on My Anime List. It also exemplifies Netflix’s foray into Chinese content. As a result, if the series is renewed in China, the streaming behemoth will almost certainly keep the license and distribution.

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