Several People Wounded in Shooting at San Pedro Park!

Multiple people were wounded including some who were struck by gunfire at Peck Park in San Pedro Sunday afternoon. The shooting happened at the park in San Pedro at 560 N. Western Ave. just before 4 p.m.

The Los Angeles Fire Department said in an alert that seven people were wounded, four men and three women, at or near a car show at the park. All seven people were taken to nearby hospitals, the Fire Department said.

“At least three of the patients have been shot, and one man and one woman who were taken to the hospital in critical condition had gunshot wounds. The LAFD also said, “There are no other patients left at the scene.”

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The Los Angeles Police Department is on a citywide tactical alert due to the incident, added Officer Cervantes of the LAPD. An LAPD helicopter circled the area as seen in video from the scene and confirmed on the online flight tracking website FlightAware.

Witnesses told KTLA that they ran from the scene in fear for their lives and the lives of the children who were at the park.

Shooting at San Pedro Park

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