Severe Tornadoes and Storms in Central US 2 Dead

Severe Tornadoes and Storms in Central US; 2 De@d: A Wreak Havoc!!

Two people have been ki!!ed as intense storms and tornadoes roll through the central United States. On Wednesday, severe storms that included tornadoes, winds, and hail passed through areas of the Central United States. These storms were responsible for at least two de@ths, as well as injuries, the destruction of homes, and the loss of power for thousands of others.

On Wednesday evening, the National Weather Service issued warnings for tornadoes and severe thunderstorms across Oklahoma, Kansas, and Iowa. Forecasters warned citizens to seek shelter. On Wednesday night, a tornado ripped through the villages of Shawnee and Cole in central Oklahoma. This tornado was one of several that the region experienced.

National Weather Service also posted a tweet on their official page warning citizens about arriving thunderstorms and tornadoes:

It was reported that at least two individuals had passed away in the town of Cole, located in McClain County. Injuries were also reported, ranging from scrapes and bruises to those requiring hospitalization. However, the exact number of those injured was not immediately known as hundreds of people spread out across the area in search operations.

Severe Tornadoes and Storms in Central US 2 Dead
Severe Tornadoes and Storms in Central US; 2 De@d

In addition, power lines were brought down, trees were brought down, and homes and other buildings sustained significant damage or were destroyed entirely. Before it went on and began to weaken, the tornado caused damage to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee in addition to an airport.

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At the height of the severe weather, more than 23,000 people across Oklahoma were without electricity. According to the McClain County sheriff, people south of Oklahoma City reported being stuck in their underground shelters, mailboxes were blown away, and rescue responders utilized GPS to find addresses.

Have a look at this Tweet by the official New York Post for more details:

KFOR-TV also claimed that residents reported being trapped in their underground shelters. Two persons in the town of Cole rode out the storm in a manhole and escaped unharmed. Tornadoes caused by storms this spring have ki!!ed dozens of people across the United States, including in the South, the Midwest, and the Northeast.

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