“Shocking Drone Strikes Shake Moscow and Kyiv: Escalating Tensions in Russia-Ukraine War”

The mayor of Moscow has reported that people are slowly returning home after Tuesday morning’s drone strike.

When asked about the investigation into UAV-related property damage, Sergey Sobyanin remarked on VK, “Emergency services have taken all the necessary measures.” Residents slowly return to their homes after being forced to evacuate so that emergency personnel can work without interruption.

The people living in the Leninsky Prospekt building will be the first to move back in. Experts have been tasked with fixing cosmetic issues with the facilities as soon as feasible. The western part of Moscow, where the Russian elite, including Putin, have houses, and the grand avenue Leninsky Prospekt were both targets of the drone assaults.

Shocking Drone Strikes Shake Moscow and Kyiv

Drone strikes in Kyiv claim the life of at least one person: Mayor
According to the mayor of Kyiv, one person was murdered and numerous others were injured when debris fell from a Russian drone after a Russian attack damaged a building early on Tuesday.

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Vitali Klitschko reported on Telegram that a fire broke out in a high-rise structure, citing falling debris as the cause. Another home was among those impacted. Twenty people have been rescued so far—singular fatality. Four people were injured and taken to hospitals in the Holosiivskyi area.

Russian drone attack: Kyiv had nothing to do with it, says Ukrainian official:

The claim that “Kyiv” was behind the drone attack on Moscow has been refuted by a presidential advisor in Ukraine, who also noted that his country is pleased to see the claim realized.

We’ll fine-tune our strategies in light of the anticipated attack rise. However, we are not personally involved in any of this. The attack on Moscow was the most serious since the war began, even though US air defenses destroyed all eight drones.

In an interview with a South Korean newspaper, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed “great hope” that South Korea would supply his country with military assets, including anti-aircraft systems.

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Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has urged South Korea to supply defensive military equipment, including anti-aircraft systems, to help counter Russian attacks in an interview with a South Korean newspaper, Zelenskiy.

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