Sig Hansen Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does He Have?

The F/V Northwestern is captained by American fisherman Sigurd Jonny Hansen, who was born on April 28, 1966. Hansen has been in every episode of the documentary series Deadliest Catch since it premiered in 2005. He is both a lead actor and technical advisor in Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns.

Sig Hansen Net Worth

Sig Hansen Net Worth

A Northwest fishing boat captain and reality TV celebrity, Sig Hansen is reported to be worth $4 million. The popularity of Captain Hansen can be attributed to his many appearances as a guest star on Deadliest Catch.

Captain Hansen’s F/V Northwestern is one of the most successful ships in the entire program, with a perfect record of zero losses due to bad weather at sea. Hansen plays the principal character and also acts as the show’s technical advisor in Deadliest Catch.

Childhood Life of Sig Hansen

On April 28th, 1966, Seattle welcomed a new baby boy, his name was Sigurd Jonny Hansen. When it comes to Norwegian fishing, Sigurd’s family has a long and storied history. At the age of 14, he began helping out on his dad’s fishing boat, and after graduating from high school, he decided to make fishing his full-time occupation. During this time, Sig Hansen became familiar with the coastline of Alaska and the Bering Sea.

Sig Hansen Career Life

Fishing Career

In 2017, Sig Hansen was accused of s*xual abuse by one of his estranged daughters. She said that she was just two years old at the time. Accusations against Sig Hansen were dropped since they were not supported by evidence.

In 2018, Sig Hansen, star of the Discovery Channel‘s The Deadliest Catch, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault on an Uber driver. He apologized to the Uber driver after the event.

Film and Television Career

Sig Hansen has worked on several other popular shows besides Deadliest Catch. A visit to Jay Leno’s Tonight Show in 2010 was a highlight of his career. The boat Crabby in Disney‘s Cars 2 was also voiced by him. He was a contestant on the seventh season of “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2015. (season 14).

Sig Hansen’s Family & Personal Life

Sig Hansen’s lone child from his first marriage is Melissa Eckstrom, his only biological daughter. Following the filing of a divorce petition by his first wife, Hansen became embroiled in a legal fight that ultimately prohibited him from seeing his daughter. When he gave up his parental rights, he and his daughter drifted apart. Sig Hansen and his second wife, June, have two adopted daughters.

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Throughout his life, Captain Sig Hansen has battled several medical issues. His problems have been attributed, in part, to his legendary smoking habit. Hansen’s lifetime cigarette spending was revealed in one episode to be on par with that of the typical American family.

Hansen had a heart attack in 2016, and the Deadliest Catch team was there to capture it on film. Antibiotics triggered a severe allergic reaction in Hansen, causing him to have a second heart attack. It was announced in 2019 that Hansen received a cancer diagnosis.

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