What is Sky Black Ink Net Worth? With Whom is She Dating?

Sky Black Ink, a fiery redhead, is well-known to viewers of the American reality show Black Ink Crew. The events of the film take place at a tattoo parlor, where Sky Black Ink is employed as a receptionist. The model’s tattoos are a reflection of her self-assurance and freedom, qualities that the audience finds appealing.

Sky Black Ink Net Worth

However, there have been many debates over the sky. Regardless, her popularity is rising. In recent years, she has appeared as a guest on the game show Scared Famous, Hollywood Squares, and Hip Hop Squares.

Sky Black Ink Net Worth

Sky gets paid well for each episode of Black Ink Crew. Her prominence as a cast member on a popular TV show is the main source of her $4 million fortune. Her ancillary occupations are what set her apart financially from other castes. She’s successful at managing her shop and company. The 36-year-old has been featured in multiple reality shows.

The number of people who follow her on Instagram is enormous, which has boosted her current income. In the future, Sky’s company is expected to increase in value. As a result of her rising internet popularity, she may soon be offered rich endorsement and advertising opportunities.

Biography of Sky Black Ink

US hip-hop artist Sky Black Ink was born on September 19, 1983, in Harlem. She grew up in that neighborhood and gave birth to her first child right away. The sky had her first two kids, Dessalines and Genesis when she was just 14 years old. It has been said that Sky gave up her sons for adoption due to a lack of financial support. It’s not known if she’s seen her kids again. Interestingly, a man who claimed to be Sky’s biological father joined the Black Ink Crew.

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However, the receptionist denied the claim categorically, and she has remained mum about the paternity of her children. Sky of Black Ink’s true identity is unknown. This Instagram star, 36, was born and raised in Harlem and has acquired 3.5 million followers. Her Little Secret Boutique is managed by her alongside her career as a reality program star. Sky Black Ink stands at a commanding 6 feet, 3 inches, and has a body that any man would covet. Sky Black Ink’s body type details are still unknown.

With Whom is She Dating?

This young mother has been called many things, including “Queen of the Mixxxys” and “JaKeita Days.” Sky Days, a prominent advocate for ending domestic abuse against women, was a guest on the 2017 season of the horror reality TV show Scared Famous. The members of Black Ink Crew have all had challenging dating experiences. Even though her entire life has been filmed for so long, Sky has never been in a permanent relationship. Two years ago, she was seeing Mike Pennel, who is now her ex-boyfriend.

Sky Days and her ex-boyfriend split up after a brief courtship. Some people started to raise an eyebrow when she started dating a much younger guy after that. She recently admitted on her VH1 show that she had an affair with a much younger man than her ex-boyfriend. This single mom of two is currently based out of Miami, Florida. Sky has lately come out and said that she is looking for love.

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