Sophia Rosalinda Bratt, Net Worth, Bio, Career, Family, and All Detail!

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt is a young American actress and model. Benjamin Bratt is her father, and Mariam Talisa Soto was her mother. Her three-year-younger brother completes the family.

She has an aunt, uncle, and cousin. Sophia plays Daphne in ‘Ready To Ride: A Musical Homecoming’ Zack Gottsegen, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Peter Sarsgaard played Daphne’s father.

Bio On Sophia Rosalinda Bratt

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt’s life facts Sophia was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2002. She’s 19 in 2022. Benjamin Bratt is her famous father. Her mother is the model Mariam Talisa Soto. She’s Sagittarius. She’s American, White, and Christian.

Mato Bratt is her brother. Sophia is 3 years older than Mato. Peter Sarsgaard is her uncle. Also an actor? She comes from a family of successful actresses.

Sophia also had a disability when she was born. We’ll discuss that afterwards.

Her parents haven’t told the public about her education. Her age and other facts indicate that she has completed school. She’s presumably at college.

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Sophia is expected to have a net worth of approximately $200,000. However, she has yet to develop a source of income for herself. Movie and television roles may have earned her some money. She’s savouring every second with her loved ones by her side.

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt’s Career

When Sophia was younger, she had a career as a child actress. ‘Ready To Ride: A Musical Homecoming,’ in which she and her father played Daphne and her father’s father, respectively,

Starring in the film are such names as Zack Gottsegen, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. Even though the film hasn’t been released, the source claims it is. There are a few low-budget TV shows she’s appeared in as well!

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt Early Life

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 6, 2002. Her parents were well-known actors Benjamin Bratt and Mariam Talisa Soto. She was born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign because she was born on December 6. On December 6, she turns 18.

She was born and raised in the United States and identifies as a woman of European ancestry. She is a devout Christian. Her early years were spent with her brother, Mato Bratt, if we’re talking about that. He’s three years younger than her, so they have a lot of similarities.

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In addition, she was born with a disability that has made her life tough since she was a child.. An elder brother, who is the older brother of her father, also serves as an uncle. His name is Peter Sarsgaard, and he is an actor.

Sophia Rosalinda Receive Her Education?

Her educational background and credentials have not been made public. We don’t know if she’s finished high school and ready to go to college, despite the fact that her age would imply that she is.

What is Sophia’s Physical Stats?

The public has no idea how tall she is, how broad her hips and thighs are, or what size shoes she wears because she hasn’t revealed any personal details about her physique.

What Happened To Sophia Rosalinda Bratt?

Sophia, a gorgeous young woman of 18, suffered a catastrophic brain damage when she was just 18 years old. As a result, she will have to endure a number of treatments and therapies. As a result of his daughter’s medical condition, Benjamin Bratt was not able to dedicate as much attention to his professional job.

As devastating as the incident was for her parents, they were always there to support her. As a last resort, her parents sought an experienced psychotherapist. Having received treatment and therapy, her condition improved. She’s a young woman now that she’s hit puberty. As a result, she and her loved ones are both well and happy.

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt was born with a brain injury

Unlike other children, Sophia was born into an unconventional home. She was born with various physical disabilities as a result of her brain injury. One of the most serious injuries she had during her birth was this. Because they had no idea what was going to happen to her, her parents had a difficult time throughout this time. Mariam and Benjamin then enlisted the help of a number of highly experienced therapists to begin her rehabilitation.

After spending time with therapists, Sophia began to respond to all treatments and therapies. For him, time with his family is the most important thing, thus he only takes on projects that allow him to spend more time with them. When she needs someone to lean on, it’s her parents and brother. They always go above and beyond. Her treatment plan was successful, and she showed improvements in her attitude, well-being and daily routine as a result of it.

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt
Sophia Rosalinda Bratt

Who is the Husband of Mariam Talis Soto?

When it comes to marital status, Mariam Talis Soto has had two. She was married to Costas Mandylor at first. Their marriage was initially consummated in 1997. However, the pair filed for divorce in the year 2000 and ended their marriage. Then Benjamin Bratt joins her in tying the knot with her. As a result, her spouse is a renowned actor, producer, and political activist. Before getting married, the couple dated for a long period.

On April 13, 2002, the couple exchanges married vows. Their nuptials were held in the San Francisco area. Their wedding was attended by relatives and friends, including their parents. As a result of their union, the couple had two children. Sophia Rosalinda Bratt and Mateo Bravery are their children. Currently, the couple and their children are content in their home. There is no proof of a divorce or separation.

Facts of Sophia Rosalinda Bratt

Full Name: Sophia Rosalinda Bratt
Birth Date: December 6, 2002
Age: 19 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Celebrity Daughter
Country: United States
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Benjamin Bratt
Mother Mariam Talisa Soto
Siblings Mateo Bratt

Social Media

According to our research, Sophia is not active on any social media networks. Due to her lack of activity on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, she may have created social media profiles with names that are currently unknown.

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Sophia Rosalinda Bratt’s life facts Sophia was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2002. She’s 19 in 2022. Benjamin Bratt is her famous father. Her mother is the model Mariam Talisa Soto. She’s Sagittarius. She’s American, White, and Christian.

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