Here’s What You Could Really Win From The 2022 Starbucks Summer Game

If you haven’t heard, Starbucks has declared it to be summer, and no, it’s not because it’s warm enough to drink a Frappucino. Chew boom says that for the seventh year in a row, the coffee chain’s Summer Game sweepstakes is back. From now until June 17, 2022, Starbucks Rewards members can play this year’s “Road to Paradise” game on the Starbucks app to win some pretty cool prizes.

The online contest has a “spin to win” wheel and a “color-popping” puzzle where players clear a grid of objects in a certain number of moves to move on to the next level (think Candy Crush). Users can play to win up to twice a day. They can earn “spins” that can win the small prizes right away or game pieces that can be put together to win a big prize. Users automatically get one free play when they sign up for the sweepstakes, but they can get more if they use the app to buy something at Starbucks. Users can also get bonus plays by completing “challenges” in the app, such as getting 25 stars on a purchase, ordering a drink with non-dairy milk, or using mobile order five times.

A three-month free Starbucks drink pass and Bose Frames Soprano Audio sunglasses were awarded to the top Starbucks Summer Game winners in 2021. Players that participate in the game this year will find that the chain has upped its prize pool considerably from last year’s level.

Starbucks Game
Starbucks Game

Free drinks, free stars, a brand new car

There will be a total of $5 million in prizes given out this year, according to the contest description. Bonus stars and gift cards of various denominations are only some of the prizes that can be won through quick wins. Only 1,000 people will earn $100 in the first prize drawing; the rest will receive smaller sums.

The big prize is a brand new, 2023 Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric Compact SUV for the four players who collect all of the game components. That’s not all, either. Winners will also receive a ChargePoint Home Flex so they can keep up with all their Starbucks runs with their new car.

With an estimated retail value of $84,4449, this is undoubtedly Starbucks’ most lavish grand prize giveaway ever.

As part of its continued efforts to raise environmental awareness and increase the availability of renewable energy, Volvo has partnered with the company for a second time. When Volvo and Starbucks teamed up to build 60 electric vehicle charging stations across 15 US Starbucks stores along a route between Denver and Seattle in hopes of inspiring more “electric” road trips, CNBC reported on the partnership in March.

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This year’s Summer Game is open to all Starbucks Rewards Members who have registered on the Starbucks app or website. Non-members can sign up for free on the website without making a purchase.

Popular Starbucks Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

One of the world’s most adored franchises is Starbucks. Some fast-food establishments are losing popularity by the day, but Starbucks seems to have what people are looking for. There’s a lot to love about this coffee company, from the specialty drinks you won’t find anywhere else to the light fare that’s excellent for a pick-me-up without leaving you feeling weighed down.

For one thing, the business is noted for its dizzying number of choices. Drinks, breakfast sandwiches, pastry goods, and more are all available in a wide variety. To complicate matters further, ordering something new may be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the menu (or if your typical order is the same every time).

You can thank us for saving you time and effort. For the sake of this research, we’ve ranked the best and worst of the most popular Starbucks menu items. Regardless of your personal preferences, this list should serve as a starting point for creating a Starbucks order that you will enjoy.

22. Java Chip Frappuccino

We’d like to apologize in advance to any Frappuccino fans out there. It’s up to you if you’re a fan of these sugary beverages. They’re fun, so take advantage of them. We’re not going to look down our noses at you. However, most Frappuccinos aren’t an option for those of us who don’t enjoy downing a day’s worth of sugar in a single sip. Especially in the case of the Java Chip Frappuccino, this is true. Even if you don’t care about your health, it packs a whopping 60 grams of sugar. But it also doesn’t taste all that great. One drink with so much sugar is simply too sweet for the majority of folks.

Instead of a coffee, you could have this as a dessert, but let’s be honest: a milkshake would be a better choice. This Frappuccino has a strangely chilly texture, so it doesn’t even satisfy the flavor aspect. What’s your opinion? Avoid the Java Chip Frappuccino in favor of something different from the offerings.

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